Mormon History, Jan 13, 1836

-- Jan 13, 1836
The church leadership of Kirtland and Far West meet, including both presidencies, high councils, bishops, and many elders. Fill vacancies on high council due to organization of the Twelve. (1)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith presided over a meeting with Church leaders from Kirtland and Clay County, Missouri. The brethren sang William W. Phelpss hymn Adam-ondi-Ahman, and new members of various councils were called and ordained in preparation for the coming Solemn Assembly. (2)

[Knight, Vinson] Ordained high priest and counselor to Bishop Newel K. Whitney 13 January 1836. (3)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Jerusha, fifth child and third daughter of Hyrum and Jerusha Smith, is born. (4)

-- 14Jan36
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Remarks at a wedding held at Kirtland, Ohio January 14,
... I found a large company assembled, the house was filled to overflowing, we opened
our interview by singing and prayer suited to the occasion after which I made some
remarks in relation to the duties that are incumbent on husbands and wives, in
particular the great importance there is in cultivating the pure principles of
the institution, in all its bearings, and connexions with each other and Society in general
I then invited them to arise and join hands, and pronounced the ceremony according
to the rules and regulations of the Church of the latter day Saints
after which I pronounced such blessings upon their heads as the Lord put into
my heart the blessings of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, and dismissed by singing prayer ... (5)

-- Jan 14, 1836
Joseph Smith writes of performing a marriage ceremony after which "We then took some refreshment and our hearts were made glad with the fruit of the vine. This is according to pattern Set by our Saviour himself and we feel disposed to patronize all the institutions of heaven." (6)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith met with a council to draft the rules and regulations for the Kirtland Temple in preparation for its completion. He then performed two marriages in the evening. (2)

-- 15Jan36
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Remarks at the meetings of Church authorities in the Temple at Kirtland, Ohio Friday January 15,
... I then made some observation respecting the order of the day, and the great responsibility we are under to transact all our buisness, [sic] in righteousness before God, inasmuch as our desisions will have a bearing upon all mankind and upon all generations to come
Sung the song Adam-ondi-ahman and open by prayer ...
... The above rules hav[e] now passed through the several quorums, in their order, and passed by the unanimous vote of the whole, and are therefore received and established as a law to govern the house of the Lord in this place, --In the investigatin of this subject, I found that many who had deliberated upon this subject were darkened in their minds, which drew forth, some remarks from me, respecting the privileges of the authorities of the church, that they should,
each speak in his turn, and in his place, and in his time and season, that their may be perfect order in all things, and that every man, before he, makes an
objection to any, item, that is thrown before them for their concideration, should be sure that they can throw light upon the subject rather than spread darkness, and that his objections be founded in righteousness which may be done by applying ourselves closely to study the mind and will of the Lord, whose Spirit always makes manifest, and demonstrates to the understanding of all who are in possession, of his Spirit - ... (5)

-- Jan 15, 1836
Rules for the house of the Lord are approved by the presidency, high council of Kirtland, high council of Zion, Twelve, Bishop and counselors of Zion, Bishop and counselors of Kirtland, and Seventy. Kirtland quorum presidents. John Corrill to "take charge of the house of the Lord in Kirtland." (1)

Further organizing the priesthood, presidents of each priesthood quorum are called for the Kirtland Stake of Zion, as is a president of the Kirtland Temple, now nearing completion. (7)

Oliver Cowdery's father, William Cowdery, Jr., was chosen to preside over the Priests' Quorum in Kirtland. William was converted Mormonism and moved from Arcadia, Wayne, NY to Kirtland (probably in late 1835). His wife Keziah probably was estranged from William prior to his removal to Kirtland. She remained behind, residing in Ellery, Chautauqua Co., N.Y. until her death in 1861. The fact that William was given such a low calling in the Church (when his purported associate of previous years, Joseph Smith, Sr., was its Patriarch) perhaps indicates that he was not held in very high esteem by Joseph Smith, Jr. (8)

[Smith, Don Carlos] Ordained high priest and president of high priests quorum in Kirtland area 15 January 1836. (3)

-- 16Jan36
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Remarks made to the Twelve Apostles on Saturday January 16, 1836 at Kirtland, Ohio
... I observed that we had heard them patiently and in turn
should expect to be heard patiently also; and first I remarked that it was necessary that the
12 should state
whether they were determined to persevere in the work of the Lord, whether
the presidency were able to satisfy them or not; vote called, and carried in the affirmative,
unanimously; I then said to them that I had not lost
confidence in them, and that they had no reason to suspect my confidence,
and that I would be willing to be weighed in the scale of truth today in this
matter, and risk it in the day of judgment; and as it respects the chastening
contained in the letter in question, which I acknowledge might have been
expressed in too harsh language; which was not intentional and I ask your
forgiveness, inasmuch as I have hurt your feelings; but nevertheless, the
letter that Elder Mclellin wrote back to Kirtland while the Twelve were
at the east was harsh also, and I was willing to set the one against the
I next proceeded to explain the subject of the duty of the Twelve; and
their authority which is next to the present presidency, and that the
arrangement of the assembly in this place, on the 15 inst in placing
the High Councils of Kirtland next [to] the Presidency, was because the
business to be transacted, was business relating to that body in
particular which was to fill the several quorum's in Kirtland; not beca[u]se
they were first in office, and that the arrangement was the most
Judicious that could be made on the occasion also the 12, are not
subject to any other than the first presidency, viz. myself S. Rigdon,
and F G. Williams -- I also stated to
the Twelve that I do not countenanc[e] the
harsh language of President Cowdery to them, neither in myself nor any other
man, although I have sometimes spoken to harsh from the impulse of the moment,
and inasmuch as I have wounded your feelings brethren I ask your forgiveness,
for I love you and will hold you up with all my heart in all righteousness,
before the Lord, and before all men, for be assured, brethren, I am willing
to stem the torrent of all opposition, in storms in tempests in thunders and
in lightning by sea and by land in the wilderness or among fals[e]
brethren or mobs or wherever God in his providence may call us and I am
determined that neither heights nor depths principalities nor powers
things present or to come nor any other creature shall separate me
from you; and I will now covenant with you before God that I will not
listen too nor credit, any derogatory report against any of you nor condemn
you upon any testimony beneath the heavens, short of that testimony which
is infalible, untill I can see you face to face and know of a surity and
I do place unlimited confidence in your word for I believe you to be men
of truth, and I ask the same of you, when I tell you anything that you
place equal confidence in my word for I will not tell you I know anything
that I do not know - but I have already consumed more time than I intended
when I commenced and I will now give way to my colleagues (5)

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