Mormon History, Jan 25, 1836

-- Jan 25, 1836
Joseph receives Warren's letter that he is ill and cannot come, so he appoints Sylvester Smith acting scribe until Warren returns (February 8). (1)

-- Jan 26, 1836
Joshua Seixas, former Hebrew teacher of Lorenzo Snow, begins instructing Joseph Smith and his colleagues of the "Hebrew School" in the Kirtland Temple, to enable them to translate biblical Hebrew texts. He gives two lectures per day, from 10:00 to 11:00 AM. and from 2:00 to 3:00 PM five days per week. The class has about forty students but more are added as the class continues. By mid-February, Seixas is teaching four separate classes. Joseph Smith says, "His introduction pleased me much. I think he will be a help to the class in learning the Hebrew." (2)

Mr. Seixas arrives from Hudson to teach the Hebrew to the brethren in the House of the Lord. (1)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joshua Seixas, the new teacher Joseph Smith hired for the Hebrew school, arrived in Kirtland. (3)

Joshua Sexias begins instructing Joseph Smith and his colleagues of the "Hebrew School" in the Kirtland temple, to enable them to translate biblical Hebrew texts. (4)

[Joseph Smith] Began receiving formal instruction in Hebrew, Kirtland. March 27 Dedicated temple, Kirtland. (5)

-- Jan 28, 1836
As Joseph Smith is organizing the Twelve Apostles in the assembly room of the Kirtland temple "Pres[ident] Sylvester Smith saw a pillar of fire rest down and abide upon the heads of the quorem . . ." After Sidney Rigdon gives a hosanna shout "Eld[er] Roger Orton saw a mighty Angel riding upon a horse of fire with a flaming sword in his hand followed by five others encircle the house and protect the Saints . . . Pres[ident] William Smith, one of the Twelve, saw the heavens op[e]ned and the Lord's host protecting the Lord's anointed. Pres[ident] Z[ebedee] Coltrin, one of the seven [presidents of the Seventy], saw the Saviour extended before him as upon the cross and crowned with a glory upon his head above the brightness of the sun." (2)

Following the organization of the Seventy preparatory to their anointing in the House of the Lord, many spiritual manifestations are reported, including Zebedee Coltrin's vision of "the Savior extended before him, as upon the cross, and a little after, crowned with glory upon his head above the brightness of the sun." (1)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith, his counselors, the Twelve Apostles, and the seven Presidents of the Seventy saw glorious visions in the Kirtland Temple. (3)

-- Jan 29, 1836
Joseph Smith Senior gives six patriarchal blessings. Charles H. Smith is blessed: "Thou shalt stand on earth till thy Redeamer comes." Marietta Carter is blessed: "Thou shalt see thy Redeamer come in the clouds of heaven and be caught up to meet him and be ever with him." Joanna Carter is blessed: "Thou shalt see the end of this generation. Nancy Carter is blessed: "Thou shalt live to see the winding up of this generation." (2)

Kirtland, Ohio. In the evening Joseph Smith made a feast for his fathers family. (3)

[Joseph Smith] Administered and received ritual washing of feet with priesthood leaders in temple, Kirtland. (5)

-- 30Jan36
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Shows Papyri to Seixas (6)

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