Mormon History, Mar 1836

-- During Mar 1836
[Black History] Elijah Abel ordained an Elder (Eunice Kenny says by Joseph Smith Jr. in My Testimony of the Latter Day Work, ms. in LDS Church Historical Department, although she wrote this four decades after the ordination, and Abel did not cite Joseph Smith as having ordained him in his defense against the later challenge to his status). The certificate of ordination was dated 3 Mar 1836. Newell G. Bringhurst (Saints, Slaves and Blacks, p. 60) notes that certificates were sometimes delayed, so the ordination could have been sooner than this, but Abel is still listed among the recently licensed elders in Jun 1836 (Messenger & Advocate, 2:335). (1)

-- During Mar. 1836
Joseph Smith Jr.: Saw angels during dedication of Kirtland temple Mar. 1836, ministered to by Jesus, Moses, Elijah, and Elias (2)

Oliver Cowdery: Saw "the glory of God like a great cloud" and tongues of fire Mar. 1836 (2)

-- During March 1836
[Black History] In a discourse on the subjects of slavery and abolition, Smith states that the curse of Ham is "not yet taken off" from the Negroes. "After having expressed myself so freely upon this subject, I do not doubt, but those who have been forward in raising their voices against the South, will cry out against me as being uncharitable, unfeeling, unkind, and wholly unacquainted with the Gospel of Christ. It is my privilege then to name certain passages from the Bible, and examine the teachings of the ancients upon the matter as the fact is uncontrovertible that the first mention we have of slavery is found in the Holy Bible, pronounced by a man who was perfect in his generation, and walked with God. And so far from that prediction being averse to the mind of God, it remains as a lasting monument of the decree of Jehovah, to the shame and confusion of all who have cried out against the South, in consequence of their holding the sons of Ham in servitude. 'And he said,

Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.' 'Blessed be the Lord God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant' (Gen. 9:25, 26). Trace the history of the world from this notable event down to this day, and you will find the fulfillment of this singular prophecy. What could have been the design of the Almighty in this singular occurrence is not for me to say; but I can say, the curse is not yet taken off from the sons of Canaan, neither will be until it is affected by as great a power as caused it to come; and the people who interfere the least with the purposes of God in this matter, will come under the least condemnation before Him; and those who are determined to pursue a course, which shows an opposition, and a feverish restlessness against the decrees of the Lord, will learn, when perhaps it is too late for their own good, that God can do His own work, without the aid of those who are not dictated by His counsel." (History of the Church, =
2:438-439). (1)

[Higbee, Elias] Attended dedication of Kirtland Temple March 1836. (3)

[Hyde, Orson] Attended dedication of Kirtland Temple March 1836. Attended Hebrew School in Kirtland. (3)

[Kimball, Heber Chase] Attended dedication of Kirtland Temple March 1836. (3)

[Knight, Newel] Participated in dedication of Kirtland Temple March 1836. (3)

[Smith, William B] Attended dedication of Kirtland Temple March 1836. (3)

[Snow, Erastus] Participated in dedication of Kirtland Temple March 1836. (3)

[Whitney, Newel Kimball] Participated in dedication of Kirtland Temple March 1836. (3)

[Young, Brigham] Attended dedication of Kirtland Temple March 1836. (3)

-- 1836 Spring
Eliza R. Snow boards with the Smith family and teaches a school for young ladies. (4)

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