Mormon History, Jan 7, 1836

-- Jan 7, 1836
Feast at Bishop N. K. Whitney's "after the order of the Son of God-the lame, the halt, and blind were invited, according to the instruction of the Saviour." Joseph Smith Sr. prays, gives N. K.'s parents patriarchal blessings. (1)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith attended a feast at Bishop Newel K. Whitneys to which the poor were invited. (2)

[Whitney, Newel Kimball] Offered sumptuous feast for Prophets family 7 January 1836. (3)

-- Jan 8, 1836
Rapid progress in Hebrew school. Plastering and hard-finishing of the exterior of the Lord's House is completed (Artemas Millet and Lorenzo Young subcontractors, $1000). Jacob Bump continues plastering the inside ($1,500). (1)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith made rapid progress at the Hebrew school. The plastering and hard-finishing of the outside of the Kirtland Temple was finished. (2)

-- Jan 9, 1836
Attends feast at N. K. Whitney's with his parents and Emma. Large assembly. Joseph Sr. blesses several. Could this feast and that of the 7th be the same? (1)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith accepted an invitation from Bishop Newel K. Whitney to attend a similar dinner party as on January 7 for the poor and the lame. (2)

Oliver Cowdery was elected as a delegate from Geauga Co. to the Ohio State Convention of the Democratic Party. The convention was held in Columbus during the first days of Jan. (4)

-- Jan 10, 1836
Wilber Denton and Jenkins Salisbury in the morning, Samuel Smith and Don Carlos Smith in the afternoon. "They all did well considering their youth." Martin Harris baptizes three. (1)

Oliver Cowdery visited with his step-brother, Silas Austin, who was then living near Columbus, Franklin, OH. Silas was not a Mormon. (4)

-- 12Jan36
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Shows Papyri
Unitarian Preacher (5)

-- Jan 12, 1836
The Kirtland High Council nominates a committee to draft rules for the soon-to-be-dedicated Kirtland temple. The committee consists of Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, W.W. Phelps, David Whitmer, and Hyrum Smith. The rules drafted include: "1st It is according to the rules and regulations of regular & legal organized bodies to have a president to keep order. "2nd The body thus organized are under obligations to be in subjection to that authority." ". . .No man shall be interrupted who is appointed to speak by permission of the Church, by any individual person or persons in the congregation, by whispering, by laughing, by talking, by menacing gestures, by getting up and running out in a disorderly manner, or by offering indignity to the manner of worship, or the religion, or to any officer of said Church while officiating in his office, in any wise whatever by any display of ill manners or ill breeding from old or young, rich or poor, male or female, bond or free, black or white,
believer or unbeliever and if any of the above insults are offered, such measures will be taken as are lawful to punish the aggressor or aggressors and eject them out of the House. . . ." "6th All persons are prohibited [from] cutting, marking or maiming the inside or outside of the House with a knife, pencil or any other instrument whatever, under pain of such penalty as the law shall inflict. "7th all children are prohibited from assembling in the House above or below or in any part of it to play or for recreation at any time and all parents, guardians or masters shall be amenable for all damage that shall occur in consequence of their children. "8th All persons whether believer or unbelievers shall be treated with due respect by the authorities of the Church." (6)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith called on the First Presidency in the morning and met with Russell Weaver, a Unitarian preacher, in the afternoon. (2)

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