Mormon History, Feb 24, 1836

-- Feb 24, 1836
[Murdock, John] Returned to Kirtland 24 February 1836. (1)

-- Feb 25, 1836
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith visited and blessed Sidney Rigdons wife, Phebe, who was ill. She began to recover within the hour that the blessing was given. (2)

Oliver Cowdery's older brother Warren, along with his family, arrived in Kirtland. They relocated there from Freedom, Cattaraugus, NY. Warren may have assisted his father and step-mother, William Cowdery, Sr. and Keziah, in their move from Arcadia, Wayne, NY, sending William along ahead of his own family by several days or weeks. (3)

Oliver Cowdery's sister, Olive Cowdery Wilbur and her husband Winslow Shepherd Wilbur, were living in Kirtland by this time living. They probably accompanied Warren A. Cowdery when he moved there from Freedom, Cattaraugus, NY. They had earlier lived in Ellery, Chautauqua, NY. Winslow Wilbur (and perhaps Olive) was baptized into the LDS Church at about this time Winslow was a member of the Seventy in 1837 and he accompanied the Kirtland Camp to Missouri in 1838. (3)

-- 28Feb36
[Joseph Smith Sermon] This morning two gentlemen late from Scotland called to see me, to make inquiry about the work of the Lord in these last days, they treated me withrespect, and the interview was pleasing to me, and I presume interesting to them, they attended our meeting, with me, and expressed a satisfaction inwhat they heardThey spoke of Irvin the oriental reformer and his prop[h]esies- after meeting, I returned home and spent the after part of the day and evening in reading and translating the Hebrew (4)

-- Feb 28, 1836
Two Irvingites from Scotland call on Joseph, "to make inquiry about the work of the Lord in these last days." They treat Joseph respectfully and express satisfaction with what they hear at Mormon services. (One is J. Hewitt.) (5)

-- Feb 29, 1836
Two non-Mormons visit the Kirtland Temple. One refuses to remove his hat "nor bow to Jo Smith, but [said] that he had made Jo bow to him at a certain time." The temple doorkeeper, George Morey puts him out because "if a man imposed upon me he imposed upon himself [Morey]," writes Joseph Smith. (6)

-- During 1836 February
First hymnal, prepare by Emma Smith, is printed and bound. (5)

-- During February 1836
[Wight, Lyman] After returning to Kirtland February 1836, left to visit mother in New York. (1)

-- Mar 3, 1836
[Black History] Elijah Abel ordained an Elder, (7)

Joseph Smith authorizes the ordination of African-American Elijah Abel to the office of elder. On Dec. 20 Abel is ordained to the office of Seventy. A skilled carpenter, Abel worked on the Salt Lake Temple but was never allowed to receive his endowments or have his family sealed together because of his race. (6)

All the presidencies of the church meet in the Kirtland Temple according to their order. (8)

Joseph Smith authorizes the ordination of African-American Elijah Abel to the office of elder. On 20 Dec. Abel would be ordained to the office of Seventy. (9)

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