Mormon History, Feb 3, 1836

-- Feb 3, 1836
Elders quorum president Alvah Beman submits the names of seventy elders to be considered for ordination as seventies. (1)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith received many visitors and showed them the Abraham papyri. (2)

-- Feb 4, 1836
At the Kirtland Hebrew School, Joseph Smith writes that he "assisted in forming a class of 22 to read at 3 o'clock P.M. The other 23 read at 11 o'clock. The first class recit[e]s at a quarter before 10 A.M. & the second at a quarter before 2-P.M. . . . We have a great want of books, but are determined to do the best we can. May the Lord help us to obtain this language, that we may read the Scriptures in the language in which they were given." (3)

-- 6Feb36
[Joseph Smith Sermon] John the Revelator (4)

-- Feb 6, 1836
Joseph Smith writes in his journal: "Called the anointed together to receive the seal of all their blessings. The High Priests and Elders [met] in the council room as usual. The Seventy [met] with the Twelve in the second room and the Bishop in the 3[rd]. I laboured with each of these quorums for some time to bring [them] to the order which God had shown to me which is as follows: [The] first part to be spent in solemn prayer before God without any talking or confusion and the conclusion with a sealing prayer by Pres Sidney Rigdon when all the quorums are to shout with one accord a solemn hosannah to God and the Lamb with an Amen, Amen, and Amen. Then all take [their] seats and lift up their hearts in silent prayer to God and if any obtain a prophecy or vision to rise and speak that all may be edified and rejoice together. . . .Pres Wm Smith, one of the Twelve, saw a vision of the Twelve and Seven[ties] in council together in old England. Pres Z[ebedee] Coltrin, one of the se
ven [Presidents of the Seventy], saw a vision of the Lord's Host. Others were filled with the spirit and spoke in tongues and prophecied. This was a time of rejoicing long to be remembered! Praise the Lord." (3)

The "anointed" meet by quorum in the House of the Lord. Many visions are reported. Zebedee Coltrin sees "the Lord's host." (1)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith labored to teach each priesthood quorum the revealed order by which they should conduct their meetings and be able to receive spiritual blessings. (2)

-- Feb 8, 1836
Joseph's journal is returned to Warren Parrish, whose health has improved. (1)

-- Feb 10, 1836
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith tended to his brother Hyrum Smith, who had wounded his arm with an axe. (2)

Oliver Cowdery's half-sister, Lucy Pearce Cowdery, was by this time living in Kirtland. She probably accompanied her father William Cowdery, Jr. when he moved there from Arcadia, Wayne, NY. (5)

-- 11Feb36
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Shows Papyri (4)

-- Feb 11, 1836
Joseph Smith writes in his journal (through a scribe) "attended the School and read Hebrew with the morning Class - spent the afternoon in reading, and exhibiting the Egy[p]tian records to those who called to see me and heavens blessings have attended me." (3)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith spent the afternoon reading and showing the Egyptian records to those who came to call. (2)

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