Mormon History, Jan 21, 1836

-- Jan 21, 1836
Joseph tells visitor membership "in this branch" (Kirtland) is 1,500-2,000. (1)

Warren Parrish succeeds Orson Hyde as scribe for the First Presidency. (1)

The authorities of the Church attended to the ordinances of anointing and blessing each other in the Kirtland Temple. (2)

Joseph Smith states that he had received a vision in which he saw that salvation is possible for those who die without a knowledge of the gospel (D&C 137). (3)

Kirtland, Ohio. While in the Kirtland Temple with the First Presidency of the Church, Joseph Smith saw a vision of the celestial kingdom and the Father and the Son, which is recorded in Doctrine & Covenants 137. (4)

[Joseph Smith] Administered and received ritual washings and anointings with priesthood leaders; vision of celestial kingdom, Kirtland. (5)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Washings and anointings begin. The First Presidency anoints Joseph Sr. with oil and blesses him as patriarch; he blesses each member; Joseph Jr. reports receiving a vision of the celestial kingdom. Anointing meetings continue through 28 January. Between 21 January and 1 May 1836, Saints see heavenly beings, hear heavenly choirs, and have other spiritual manifestations. (6)

[Revelations] Kirtland, Ohio. Doctrine and Covenants 137. Vision of the Father and the Son, Adam, Abraham, Joseph's parents and his brother Alvin in the celestial kingdom. Children who die before 8 years and all others who would have received the gospel had they heard it before they died, inherit the celestial kingdom.
Added to Doctrine and Covenants after 1835 edition.
Background Diary-2, 135-136.
Wash in printing office loft [135] At about 3. oclock P. M I dismissed the School and the presidency; retired to the loft of the printing office, where we attended to the ordinance of washing our bodies in pure water, we also perfumed our bodies and our heads, in the name of the Lord loft: attic story in MH-B, 617.
Anoint in west school room at early candlelight, I meet with the presidency, at the west school room in the Chapel to attend to the ordinance of annointing our heads with holy oil-also the councils of [DEL: Zion :DEL] Kirtland and Zion, meet in the two adjoining rooms, who waited in prayer while we attended to the ordinance,- Chapel: Temple in MH-B, 617.
Joseph Sr. first anointed, blessed as Patriarch I took the oil in my [DEL: right :DEL] <left> hand, father Smith being Seated before me and the rest of the presidency encircled him round about. -we then Streched our right hands towards heaven and blessed the oil and concecrated it in the name of Jesus christ-we then laid our hands on our aged fath[er] Smith, and invoked, the blessings of heaven,-I then annointed his head with the concecrated oil. and sealed many blessings upon him, [DEL: head :DEL] , the presidency then in turn laid their hands upon his head, beginning at the eldest untill they had all laid their hands on him, and pronounced such blessings, upon his head as the Lord put into their hearts-all blessing him to be our patriarch, [DEL: and :DEL] <to> annoint our [136] heads, and attend to all duties that pertain to that office. - rest: remainder in MH-B, 619.
Joseph Sr. anoints, blesses Joseph to lead as Moses.
I then took the Seat, and father annoint my head, and Sealed upon me the blessings, of Moses, to lead Israel in the latter days, even as moses led him in days of old,-also the blessings of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. -.
MH-B, 619 inserts, " The presidency then took the seat in their turn, according to their age, beginning at the eldest, and received their anointing and blessing under the hand of father Smith: and in my turn my father anointed my head -" >.
Joseph Smith Diary.
D&C 137.
Celestial kingdom. (7)

-- Jan 22, 1836
Alvah Beman had been tempted to doubt the things which we received on saturday evening and he made an humble confession, and asked forgiveness of the school, which was joyfully given; and he said he would try to resist satan in future (1)

Joseph and his counselors anoint and bless Thomas B. Marsh to bless the Twelve. The Twelve anoint and bless the presidency of the Seventy. Sylvester Smith leaps up and exclaims, 'The horseman [horsemen] of Israel and the chariots thereof.'" After the anointings and blessings, "the gift of tongues fell upon us in mighty power. Angels mingled their voices with ours, while their presence was in our midst, and unceasing praises swelled our bosoms for the space of half an hour." (1)

Kirtland, Ohio. Visions and revelations were poured out when Joseph Smith and other brethren performed anointing ordinances for the Council of the Twelve and the Presidency of the Seventy. (4)

-- Jan 23, 1836
Kirtland, Ohio. Visions of God attended Joseph Smith from the night of the 22nd until the early morning of the 23rd. (4)

-- Jan 25, 1836
First Presidency organizes the quorum of Seventies. Sylvester sees "a pillar of fire rest down and abide upon the heads of the quorum, as we stood in the midst of the twelve." (1)

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