Mormon History, Aug 17, 1845. Sunday.

[William Clayton Journal] ...P.M. with D[iantha] till 5 o'clock, afterwards at Dr. Richards, with President B. Young, H. C. Kimball, W. Richards, J. Taylor, G. A. Smith, N. K. Whitney, G. Miller, O. Spencer, J. Young, J. C. Kingsbury and L. Woodworth. A. W. Babbitt and B. F. Johnson, called in to enquire whether it would be agreeable to the council to let Brother Johnson rent the Mansion. It was decided to call a council tomorrow at 2 o'clock to conclude on the matter inasmuch as Brother [Ezra T.] Benson has been spoken to, to either take the mansion or Masonic Hall. After the conversation ended Babbitt and Johnson withdrew, and we then offered up prayers as usual for general subjects. Last Tuesday Brother [Lucien] Woodworth was discharged from the work at the Nauvoo House as Architect by [George] A. Smith one of the Trustees on account of incompetency and an unwillingness to listen to Council. He foamed considerable at the time but feels tolerably well now. At the stand tod
ay Wm. Smith preached to the saints "the first chapter of the gospel according to St. W[illia]m" as he termed it. It was just a full declaration of his belief in the doctrine of a plurality of wives &c. The people appeared disgusted and many left the ground. His object was evidently to raise an influence against the Twelve especially Brigham and Heber for he intimated in strong terms that they were practising such things in secret but he was not afraid to do it openly. His course today will evidently hurt him in the estimation of the saints more than any thing he has done before.

[source: George D. Smith, An Intimate Chronicle; The Journals of William Clayton, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1995,]

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