Mormon History, Sep 2, 1845

[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Story: "Never Satisfied" - Petition to Live Simply -- Editorial -- Encourages the Saints to live simply, and avoid the fashions of the time.
- Announcement: Married -- Editorial -- Oliver B. Huntington married Mary M. Neal, performed by Elder George Fowler.
- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- Margaret Crandall (51, Unknown), Hiel Bradford (39, Fever), Nancy Ann Harding (1, Diarrhea), Joseph Ralphs (35, Struck with Lightning), Clarissa McNeal (18, Chill Fever), Alden Burdick (42, Fever), Elvira Matson (25, Consumption), John Crawford (23, Bilious Fever), Trichina Redfield (66, Typus Fever), Henry White (60, Unknown), Joseph Isaac Cook (1, Consumption), Iowa L. Loomis (1, Diarrhea), Isaac Morley Carter (3 months, Canker), George Black (28, Bilious Fever), David Foot (76, Chill Fever), Freeman B. Stow (10, Bilious Fever), Olive M. Stow (5 months, Diarrhea), Ellen Smith (2, Black Canker), James H. Stocking (3, Consumption), Sarah Butterfield (3 mont
hs (Canker), Samuel Walton (49, Typhus Fever), Davis Olaey (16, Fever), Mary L. Bradley (7, Diarrhea), Charles W. Griggs (25, Consumption), Sarah Could (10 months, Canker).
- Poetry: "The Capstone" -- W.W. Phelps -- Poem describing the plight of the Saints, and the building of the Temple. Mentions Sidney Rigdon.
- Poetry: "Panegyric to W.W. Phelps -- Robert Campbell -- Describes W.W. Phelps, and tells of his great efforts in the Gospel.


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