Mormon History, Aug 20, 1845

[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Letter: Correspondence between J. Grant and William Smith -- J. Grant & Wm. Smith -- Both express sadness at the death of Joseph and Hyrum, and both speak of Nauvoo.
- Announcement: "General Conference" - Announcement -- Willard Richards -- Announces the General Conference of the Church on October 6th, and it will be held in the Temple. Saints are encouraged to bring provisions for themselves, and poor Saints who will be in attendance.
- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- Ester Mecom (4, Measles), Loia Walker (55, Bilious Fever), James Monroe (31, Canker), Mary Elizabeth Oars (3, Canker), Mary Cortis (34, Inflammation on the lungs), Harriet F. Fuller (9 months, Lung Fever), John Bailey (7, Bilious Fever), Christina Tailor (1, Unknown), William Winterbottom (50), Solomon Selvester Sly (22, Bilious Fever), Parhinia A. McKaozie (9 months, Inflammation on the brain), John Wooton (34, Inflamation on the Brain), John Wootion (34, Inflammation), William
N. Bickmore (7, Typhus Fever), William A. Colfbesh (22, Consumption), Isaac Royle (29, Typhus Fever), Wallis Fisher (1), Roxena Pier (10 months, Whooping Cough), William Like (21, Diarrhea), Loiza Mary Ludington (1, Whooping Cough), William Thare (6 months, Measles), Nancy Hun Halding (1, Diarrhea).


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