Mormon History, Sep 3, 1845

[Hosea Stout Diary] 3 W. Br Lewis Mecham came here this morning & I wrote & finished his Biographical History & then Br C. Shumway came & after a short time we went to Allen J. Stouts then to the Nauvoo House & then to the Temple.& then to a mead shop and took a drink on our way round townI was giving him some instructions relative to police duties and the principals to be governed by to prevent being deceived & imposed upon by false hearted menI left him there & I went home with H. Peck and took dinner then went to the Lodge and then to J.Knight.then to the Temple to meet the police but as there was a storm rising I went with some others of the police to Warthans meat Shop and staid till the storm was over.This was one of the severest hail storms I ever sawIt rained very fast and the hail fell in large lumps and was blown with such force that all the windows in the North and West of the houses in the city I believe was broken It lasted about an hour, after the hail had done
falling & the rain
somewhat ceased I went to the Temple and the guard being detailed by Br Harmon, I then came home it still raining very fast when I came home it being darkI found that all the glass in the North and west of my house was broken except a few in the west which were shielded by a shade tree and the storm had beat it at the windows but no injury further was done.

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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