Mormon History, Aug 13, 1845

[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Announcement: "The Last Shingle" - The Temple Roof is Completed -- Editorial -- Announces the complete enclosure from the elements of the Temple. The Neighbor was delayed in order to bring this news.
- Story: "See, Hear, Weep" - Prophecies of Destruction (Part 2) -- Editorial -- Continues in describing the calamities of the world, and how the restoration relates to them.
- Announcement: "Chant" - Nauvoo Band Playing in the Steeple -- Editorial -- Describes the Band ascending to the steeple of the temple to play their music, and states that it sounded as if their music came from heaven.
- Letter: Letter to Brigham Young from Pittsburgh -- Amos Fielding -- Tells Brigham what is going on in Rigdon's settlement, and how his church is run.
- Announcement: Excommunication of Elder Salah Lane -- Calvin C. Pendleton -- Describes Elder Lane being cut off from the church for unchristian-like conduct.
- Announcement: Married -- Editorial -- Elias Smith married L
ucy Brown, performed by Pres. Brigham Young


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