Mormon History, Oct 29, 1843

-- Oct 29, 1843
The endowed quorum meets and three new members receive temple ordinances: Lois Lathrop Cutler, Thirza Stiles Cahoon, and Phebe Watrous Woodworth. (1)
-- Oct 30, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 30th We took a boat in tow & travled slow. (2)
Brigham Young's diary states: "Monday evening Baptized Sisters Cuoub [Augusta Adams Cobb] & Hari[e]tt Cook." Two days later Joseph Smith marries these two women to Young. Auga Adams Cobb married Henry Cobb of Boston, Mass., in 1822. She left him five of her seven children to join with the Mormons. Her husband divorced her in 1847- four years after she married Brigham Young. (3)
[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, October 30th 1843 Saw Joseph at 9 A.M. at home. [He] Ordered court adjourned for one week and an execution renewed. [several lines left blank] 12 came to the office to attend a court. Parties agreed to leave it to Bro[ther] Flagg and he remitted. [several lines left blank] Eve[ning] ordered a warrant to arrest Morrie for breech of ord[i]nance. [several lines left blank] Pleasant and cold. Masons stopped work [on the Temple] mostly. (4)
-- Oct 31, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 31st Travled slow through the day. (2)
[Joseph Smith Diary] Tuesday, October 31st 9 /A.M. Called at office. Retired immediately./ Moorie brought up [and] fined $5.00 by the Mayor. [several lines left blank] Some snow on the ground this morning. Cold east wind and rain through the day. (4)
-- During Fall 1843
[Emma Smith] Emma supervises women-s temple ordinances October 1843 through February 1844. (5)
-- During fall of 1843
Ezra Taft Benson: Returned to Nauvoo in fall of 1843. (6)
-- During Autumn 1843
Joseph Smith marries Mary (20) and Sarah (17) Lawrence. (7)
-- During October 1843
George Albert Smith: Returned October 1843. (6)
John Smith: Directed to move to Ramus, Illinois, October 1843. (6)
-- During fall of 1843
Orson Hyde: Traveled to East in fall of 1843 to gather donations for Russia mission. (6)
-- During October 1843
Orson Pratt: Returned October 1843. (6)
-- During fall of 1843
Parley Parker Pratt: Mission to East in fall of 1843. (6)
-- During 1843 Fall
David Fullmer is sealed to his legal wife, Rhoda Ann Marvin, by Hyrum Smith. (1)
-- During October 1843
Sidney S Rigdon: In October 1843 Joseph Smith requested Rigdon be dropped from the First Presidency, but Rigdon upheld by Church membership. Chosen as Prophets running mate as vice-presidential candidate for United States after James Arlington Bennet and Solomon Copeland had declined offer. (6)
-- Nov 1, 1843
[Anointed Quorum] Prayer circle at the Mansion House in the evening, "29 present," anointing and endowment for Mercy R. Fielding (Thompson Smith), Jennetta Richards (Richards), Leonora Cannon (Taylor), Mary Ann Angel (Young), and Vilate Murray (Kimball) . Mercy, Hyrum Smith's secret plural wife, is often confused in references to "Sis Fielding" with Hannah Greenwood (Fielding) whose husband would not join the quorum for five weeks. Emma Hale Smith performed the washings and anointings for the women . (8)

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