Mormon History, Dec 19, 1843

-- Dec 19, 1843
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing to Lorenzo Snow given by Isaac Morley stated "Thou hast the gift and blessing of discernment of spirits to detect error and embrace truth. (A gift very necessary for one who has and uses a seer stone. Satan almost certainly tries to deceive such individuals.) Ask and thou shalt receive the gift and blessing of a white stone, in that stone a new name written that no man knoweth save to him to whom its given. (1)

Isaac Morley is sealed to his first plural wife, Abigail Leonora Snow. (2)

-- Dec 20, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 20th 21 I spent the time to work on my house. (3)

[Joseph Smith Diary] December 20th, Wednesday At home. Counselling and attending to business in general in tolerable health and good spirits. Esq[ui]r[e] Johnson took the affidavit of Andrew M. Hamilton and James B. Hamilton concerning Daniel Avery's capture. Clerk of Municipal Court took Philonan Avery's affidavit to send to M[iss]o[uri]. [several lines left blank] Clear and cool. (4)

-- Dec 20, 1843, Wednesday
[William Clayton Writings] To Emigrants and Latter-Day Saints Generally: I feel it my duty to say ... that there is in the hands of the trustee in trust, a large quantity of lands, both in the city and adjoining townships in this county, which is for sale, some of which belongs to the Church and is designed for the benefit of the poor, and also to liquidate debts owing to the Church, for which the trustee in trust is responsible. Some, also, is land which has been consecrated for the building of the Temple and the Nauvoo House.

If the brethern who move in here and want an inheritance, will buy their lands of the trustee in trust, they will thereby benefit the poor, the Temple, and the Nauvoo House, and even then only will be doing that which is their duty, and which I know, by considerable experience, will be vastly for their benefit and satisfaction in days to come. Let all the brethern, therefore, whey they move into Nauvoo, consult President Joseph Smith, the trustee in trust, and purchase their lands of him; and I am bold to say that God will bless them. ...

We hold ourselves ready at any time to wait upon the brethern and show them the lands ... and can be found any day, either at President Joseph Smith's bar-room, or the Temple Recorder's office at the Temple. (5)

-- Dec 21, 1843
[Brigham Young] --21-- I presided in the city council, and, in company with the council, signed another memorial to congress for the redress of our wrongs. (6)

-- Dec 21, 1843 (Thursday)
The city council of Nauvoo signed a petition to Congress, praying for redress for the Missouri persecutions. (7)

-- Dec 21, 1843
[Joseph Smith] The city council sends to the Congress of the United States a petition that explains the abuses suffered by the Saints in Missouri and the unwillingness of the state of Illinois to protect the Saints. They therefore ask Congress to make the City of Nauvoo an independent sovereign territory, free from the control of the state of Illinois, to be governed as the Congress governs any other territory. Joseph instructs the police force to clean the streets of carrion, to stop boys from fighting in the streets, to keep children from floating on ice, and to correct anything else out of order; he also offers to build the city jail. (8)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Thursday, 21st Called on Bro[ther] Phelps before Sunrise and told him an alarm gun had been fired, but I believed nothing serious. Took the key and went into the office. A few citizens assembled but Bro9 Cairns had returned home and all was peace. At 12 went into City Council and remained till 2 P.M. Passed [an] ordinance to prevent unlawful arrests and Sezure in Nauvoo. Read Memorial to Congress for Territorial powers &c. /Appointed O[rson] Pratt delegate to convey it/ Appointed J[ohn] P. Green Marshal &c. In the evening conversed with strangers in the bar room &c.

J. Holman and E[lbridge] Tuftes left papers for history. Very warm and pleasant. (4)

Nauvoo's elected officers petition Congress to give territorial status to the city and to authorize Joseph Smith to call on federal troops to defend the Territory of Nauvoo. (9)

-- Dec 22, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 22d I worked exeeding hard with the expection of finishing the brick work of my house. I had 6 masons 5 tenders & 2 carpenters but we did not quite finish it. I went home & went to bed sick & I had a dredful sick night. (3)

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