Mormon History, Nov 4, 1843

-- Nov 4, 1843
[Joseph Smith] Joseph carries out his decision of Nov. 2, 1843, and writes letters to John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, Martin Van Buren, Richard M. Johnson, and Lewis Cass. (1)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, November 4th [several lines left blank] 7 Eve Elder Taylor and Scribe called at the Mansion and read a letter to Clay, Calhoon, Johnson, Van Buren, [and] Cass, [the] candidates for the [U.S.] Presidency. [Letter] Approved. (2)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Elders Willard Richards and John Taylor spent the day helping Joseph Smith write letters to presidential candidates, including United States president Martin Van Buren. (3)

[Wilford Woodruff] Returns to Nauvoo (4)

-- Nov 5, 1843
[Anointed Quorum] Sunday prayer circle in the upper room of Joseph Smith's store, where neither Joseph nor Emma dressed in robes of the priesthood due to his assumption that he had been poisoned at dinner earlier in the day; no new ordinances . (5)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Nov 5th Sunday I went to meeting to the temple. Found the walls had been reared several feet all around during the 4 months of our absence. Elder S Rigdon Preached. During the day I visited many old acquaintances. Laid hands upon some that were sick & returned home & spent the night. (6)

Erastus Snow: Arrived 5 November 1843. (7)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, November 5th 1843 Rode out with my Mother and others for her health. [Joseph] Was taken suddenly sick at the dinner table. Went to the door and vomited /all [his] dinner/. [His] jaws [were] dislocated and raised fresh blood. Every symptom of poison. [several lines left blank]

Prayer Meeting eve at the Hall over the store. <Joseph did not dress [in robes of the priesthood, as customary], nor Emma> [several lines left blank] Gave my clerk, Dr. Richards, to tell Mr. Cole he must find some other room for his school [than the hall over the store]. (2)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph is attacked by violent nausea at dinner and vomits fresh blood. He accuses Emma of poisoning him. Other attackspossibly of ulcers or gallstonesoccur on 21 January and 2 and 28 April 1844. (8)

Henry L. Cook polygamous marriage to Lovina Thaves (9)

Joseph Smith becomes ill at dinner. Twenty-two years later Brigham Young recalled that Emma was accused of poisoning Joseph. Later that evening the endowed quorum meets for prayer. Joseph and Emma do not participate. (10)

-- Nov 05, 1843
Smith becomes violently ill at dinner and assumes that his wife Emma of trying to poison him due to her opposition to polygamy. At the prayer circle meeting that evening Smith accuses her of poisoning his cup of coffee, and Brigham Young regards her shocked silence as proof of her guilt. However, Joseph's rapid recovery from this illness suggests something other than poisoning, possibly ulcers. Smith accuses Emma of poisoning his coffee . PLACE: Nauvoo, IL SOURCE: Joseph Smith, History of the Church, Vol. 6, p.65, Brigham Young, conference address, 7 Oct. 1866, The Essential Brigham Young, p.188 (11)

-- Nov 6, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 I spent this week looking after my affairs. I found them in a bad situation. My house that I had Commenced before I left which I expected would hav been reared with its roof on I found ownly reared a few feet from the ground on the first story. I spent the week in making prepe-rations to carry on the work. I have found by experience that a mans business will not prosper as well when he is absent as present. (6)

-- Nov 6, 1843 (Monday)
Erastus Snow returned to Nauvoo with a company of immigrants from Massachusetts. (12)

-- Nov 6, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, November 6th Busy with domestic concerns. [several lines left blank] P.M. listened to Phelps give a relation of his visit to the Governor and was pleased from 1 to 3 o'clock. [several lines left blank] Dr. R[ichards] gave Mr. Cole notice to find another room and in the eve prepared the tables to move them from the hall. [several lines left blank] Cool for same day. (2)

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