Mormon History, Dec 22, 1843 (Friday)

-- Dec 22, 1843 (Friday)
David Holman's house, near Ramus, Hancock Co., Ill, was burned by the mob. (1)

-- Dec 22, 1843
[Joseph Smith] A member's house is burned at Ramus, Ill. Foul play is suspected. (2)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Friday, December 22nd 1843 At home. At nine o'clock while reading from a Magazine to my children, Bro[ther] Phelps come in and gave me the common Morning salutation, and I said, "God be with you" and he said "Amen." A little after 12 went into the store room occupied by Bulter and Lewis and commenced a labor with Dr. Charles to convince him that mobocracy is not justifiable and I did not deal in politics.

Near evening went to the printing office after my papers. Br[other] David Holman living about 2 miles from Ramus went out visiting with his family in the eve, when about 10 o'clock discovered his home on fire. Neighbors [had] inquired how long he would be gone. A man rode to Carthage. A co[mpany] went up, secured his provisions to themselves and fired the house. Very warm and pleasant. (3)

-- Dec 23, 1843
[Anointed Quorum] Prayer circle meeting in "Assembly Room" or Mansion House ; the anointing and endowment for Isaac Morley, Lucy Gunn (Morley), Orson Pratt, Permelia Darrow (Lott), Fanny Young (Cart Murray Smith), Phoebe W. Carter (Woodruff), Bathsheba W. Biglet (Smith), Catharine Curtis (Spencer), and Sally Waterman (Phelps) . Mary Fielding Smith performed the ordinances for these women under Emma Smith's supervision . Also, Mary Catherine Fry Miller was endowed before Joseph Smith's death, possibly between 23 Dec. 1843 and 3 Feb. 1844 . (4)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 23d Saturday I arose in the morning quite unwell. I walked with Mrs Woodruff to President Smiths. I met with the quorum through the day. Mrs Woodruff & several other sisters were present. Br & sister Morley &c.

/O Pratt Sisters Lot Fanny M[urr./orr.?] P. W. Woodruff Bathsheba W. Smith Sister O. Spencer Sister Phelps received their Anointing./ (5)

[Brigham Young] --23-- I spent the day with the Quorum in the Assembly Room. Brother Isaac Morley and wife received their endowments. (6)

-- Dec 23rd 1843
[High Council Minutes]

Council met according to adjt at the residence of President Marks. No buisness before the Council, adjourned till next Saturday the 30th at 2 o'clock P.M.

Hosea Stout Clerk (7)

-- Dec 23, 1843
Isaac Morley: Received endowment 23 December 1843. (8)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, December 23rd At home. Counselling the brethren who called on me and [visited while I was] attending to my domestic duties. [I was] making preparations for a Christmas dinner party. [several lines left blank]

Prayer Meeting in the Assembly room [above the store with] Isaac Morly and wife. O[rson] Pratt, Sister Lot, Fanny Murray, Sister Woodruff, Geo[rge] A. Smith's wife, Sister O[rson] Spencer, [and] Sister Phelp[s] [were anointed]. (3)

[Joseph Smith] Emma Smith supervises initiation of women into the Anointed Quorum, apparently her last meeting. She never enters the temple. (9)

Orson Pratt: Received endowment 23 December 1843. (8)

The endowed quorum meets and nine new members receive temple ordinances: Isaac Morley, Lucy Gunn Morley, Orson Pratt, Permelia Darrow Lott, Fanny Young Carr Murray Smith, Phoebe W. Carter Woodruff, Bathesheba W. Bigler Smith, Catharine Curtis Spencer, and Sally Waterman Phelps. Mary Fielding Smith performed the women's ordinance work under Emma's direction. (10)

[Wilford Woodruff] Phebe Woodruff receives Holy Order endowment (11)

-- Dec 24, 1843
[Anointed Quorum] Sunday prayer circle meeting in the upper room of Joseph Smith's store (which Elden Jay Watson, ed., Manuscript History of Brigham Young, 1801-1844 [Salt Lake City: Smith Secretarial Service, 1968]. wrongly implies was for males only). Wilford Woodruff wrote: "In the evening I again met with the quorum in Company with Mrs Woodruff. We recieved some instruction concerning the Priesthood" . Hannah Greenwood (Fielding) and Agnes Coolbrith (Smith, Smith) were both anointed and endowed sometime between 23 Dec. 1843 and 3 Feb. 1844 . (4)

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