Mormon History, Nov 7, 1843

-- Nov 7, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] /7th I attended a Council with the 12. Was appointed a committee with J. Taylor P.P. Pratt & B Young to raise $1,500 to Buy paper to print the Book of Covenants./ (1)

[Brigham Young] --7-- Met in council with the Twelve, when Elders P. [Parley] P. Pratt, W. [Wilford] Woodruff, John Taylor and myself were chosen a committee to raise $500 to procure paper on which to print another edition of the Doctrine and Covenants. (2)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith instructed Joseph C. Cole to move the tables for his school from the hall above the Red Brick Store, so that Elders Willard Richards and William W. Phelps could continue working on the Prophet's history undisturbed. (3)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Tuesday, November 7th 1843 This morning Richards and others moved the tables from the hall. Mr. Cole moved them back while at 9 A.M. Richards /and Phelps/ called at the Mansion and stated that the school disturbed the history and prevented its progress. Joseph said tell Mr. Cole he must look out for himself. Your reasons are good. We must have the room. [several lines left blank] Very warm and pleasant. (4)

-- Nov 8, 1843
[Anointed Quorum] "Prayer Meeting evening over Store[--]Joseph not present" ; no new ordinances. (5)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Wednesday, November 8th From 9 to 11 1/2 /A.M./ Interview with Phelps and Richards, clerks. Read and heard, read the history, then attended to setling some accounts with individuals who called. [several lines left blank]

P.M. Examined a sample of fringe designed for the Pulpits of the Temple. Conversed with Phelps, Lewis, Butler, and others from 2 to 3 o'clock. (Prayer Meeting in eve over store. Joseph not present.) (4)

[Nauvoo Temple] Joseph Smith was making plans for the pulpits and examined materials for them. (6)

-- Nov 9, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Thursday, November 9th 1843 10 A.M. Called at the office with a letter from Ja[me]s A[rlington] Bennet and gave instruction to have it answered. (4)

-- Nov 11, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Nov 11th 1843 (WW PW) During the evening I walked over to Br Taylors & spent some time in conversing about the principle of the Celestial world or some of them. Br Hiram Smith was in with us & presented som ideas of much interest to me concerning Baptism for the dead, the resurrection redemption & exhaltation in the New & everlasting covenant that reacheth into the eternal world.

He sealed the marrige Covenant between me & my wife Phebe W. Carter for time & eternity & gave us the principle of it which was interesting to us. After spending the evening plesantly we returned home & spent the night. (1)

-- Nov 11th 1843
[High Council Minutes] Council met according to adjt at Pres[i]dent J Smith's Store. W. Marks & C.C. Rich presiding. Br Benjamin Vickery was recommended, by Councellor Soby, to the Council to be ordained to the office of an Elder. Decided that he be ordained which was done under the hands of Councellors Soby and Sherwood. Council adjd till next Saturday the 18th inst at 2 O'clock P.M.

Hosea Stout Clerk. (7)

-- Nov 11, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, November 11th 1843 [several lines left blank] Clear and cold. Freezing. (4)

[Joseph Smith Diary] November 11th W[ilford] Woodruff and Ph[o]ebe W. Carter {Listed Marriage} (8)

Wilford Woodruff: Sealed to wife, Phoebe, 11 November 1843. (9)

-- Nov 12, 1843
[Anointed Quorum] Sunday evening prayer Circle; second anointing "at S.E. Room, Joseph's old house" for Reynolds and Thirza Cahoon, and for Lucy Mack (Smith) and her deceased husband Joseph, Sr., by proxy, . (5)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 12th Sunday I wrote in company with Br Elias Smith 3 letters one to Br John Hardy one to Br George T. Leach of New York & one to Br Jedadiah M. Grant of Philadelphia making request of them to centre their means into the hands of Br Grant of Philadelphia to pay a debt of $75. (1)

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