Mormon History, Oct 20, 1843

-- Oct 20, 1843
Benjamin F. Johnson and his wife are sealed in eternal marriage. (1)

-- Oct 20, 1843 (Friday)
John P. Greene returned to Nauvoo, from a mission to the State of New York, with about one hundred emigrants. (2)

-- Oct 20, 1843. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] At B. F. Johnsons writing Deed. Evening Joseph gave us much instruction, showing the advantages of the E[verlasting] C[ovenant]. He said there was two seals in the Priesthood. The first was that which was placed upon a man and woman when they made the covenant and the other was the seal which alloted to them their particular mansion. After his discourse B. F. Johnson and his wife were united in an everlasting covenant. (3)

-- October 20th 1843
[High Council Minutes] A. Young

Defendant plead not guilty. Two were then appointed to speak on the case, Viz. 9) Knight and 10) Huntington.

After the trial was partly investigated the parties agreed to leave their difficulty to Presidents Marks and Rich and abide their advice. Adjd till next Saturday the 11th at 2 o'clock P.M.

Hosea Stout Clerk. (4)

-- Oct 21, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, 21st [several lines left blank] Ordained Joseph Coon in the office as he said by Hyrum's direction. Pleasant and cool. (5)

-- Oct 21, 1843 (Saturday)
The ship Champion sailed from Liverpool with 91 Saints, bound for Nauvoo. (2)

-- Oct 22, 1843
[Anointed Quorum] Sunday prayer circle at Mansion House at 2 p.m., "24 present"; second anointing for William and Rosannah Marks . (6)

Brigham Young arrives back Nauvoo [per Brigham Young]. (7)

[Joseph Smith] Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, and George A. Smith return to Nauvoo from their missions to the East, after nearly four months' absence. "I was very glad to see them," Joseph writes. (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 6:60.) (8)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, October 22nd 1843 Slidhey] Rigdon preached 1/2 hour on poor rich folks. At home all day. Prayer meeting at Mansion [at] 2 P.M. W[illia]m Marks and <wife anointed> [to fullness of the priesthood and quorum of the anointed] 24 present.

[Brigham] Young, [Heber C.] Kimball, Geo[rge] A. [Smith] and Daniel Spencer arrived about 11 A.M. on steam[boat] Anawan and many saints. [several lines left blank] Pleasant [and] Cool. (5)

The endowed quorum meets for prayer and sealing ordinance work. (1)

-- Oct 22, 1843 (Sunday)
Apostles Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball and George A. Smith returned to Nauvoo from a mission to the Eastern States. (2)

-- Oct 23, 1843
[Brigham Young] October 23-- With Elders H. [Heber] C. Kimball and Geo. [George] A. Smith I visited the Prophet Joseph, who was glad to see us. We paid him every cent of the means we had collected for the temple and Nauvoo House. He taught us many principles illustrating the doctrine of celestial marriage concerning which God had given him a revelation, July 12th [1843] [D&C 132]. (9)

Joseph Smith explains the 23-Jul revelation on celestial marriage to Brigham Young [per Young]. (7)

Nauvoo, Illinois. After receiving more means from the Twelve who had returned from the eastern United States, Joseph Smith immediately gave directions to send for groceries and supplies for the Nauvoo Temple and the workmen. (10)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, October 23rd 3 The following named deceased persons were sealed to me on 26th of October [1843]. [See list on manuscript page 145.] [several lines left blank]

4 Hyrum began to act in his office as Temple committee. [several lines left blank]

It is reported that O[liver] H. Olney was married last Thursday eve[ning] to Miss Wheeler by Joseph Hacock. Cloudy, east wind. (5)

[Nauvoo Temple] Hyrum Smith began his service on the Temple Committee amid the good feelings of the workers. (11)

-- Oct 23, 1843, Monday
[William Clayton Writings] Patriarch Hyrum Smith was appointed by the Trustee-in-Trust, with the consent of the [temple] committee; and on the morning of the 23rd day of October, 1843, he entered upon the duties of his office, amidst the greetings and good feelings of the workers universally. (12)

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