Mormon History, summer of 1835

Mormon History Chronology / Timeline

-- During summer of 1835
[Young, Brigham] Mission to eastern states and New England in summer of 1835. (1)

-- (Tue) Aug 4, 1835
The Church temporarily withdrew fellowship from Orson Hyde and William E. McLellin, following their criticism of Sidney Rigdon s grammar school. [LDS Church History Vol II] (2)

-- Aug 4, 1835
Orson Hyde: Disfellowshipped 4 Aug. 1835 (3)

William E Mclellin: Disfellowshipped 4 Aug. 1835 (3)

[Hyde, Orson] Disfellowshipped 4 August 1835 for defaming Sidney Rigdon. (1)

-- Aug 10, 1835
Minutes of "The High Council of Kirtland" note that they assembled "to hear complaint of President Joseph Smith, Jun., against Elder Reynolds Cahoon, in that the latter had failed to do his duty in correcting his children, and instructing them in the way of truth and righteousness; which was proved and decision given accordingly. Elder Cahoon confessed the correctness of the decision and promised to make public acknowledgment before the Church." (4)

-- (Tue) Aug 11, 1835
At about this time, Joseph and Hyrum Smith, accompanied by F. G. Williams, departed Kirtland on a trip to Michigan. (2)

-- Aug 16, 1835
[Snow, Erastus] Ordained elder 16 August 1835. (1)

-- (Mon) Aug 17, 1835
A General Assembly of LDS Church quorums approved the text of the newly compiled Doctrines and Covenants, including Sec. 101, in which the Church adopted the rule of monogamous marriage. The text says that the LDS Church had "been reproached with the crime of fornication and polygamy." As no known allegations of Mormon polygamy had been published at this time, it appears that the "reproach" came from within the Church itself. (2)

-- Aug 17, 1835
Doctrine and Covenants accepted by the Saints as a standard work. (5)

General Assembly approves publication of the first Doctrine and Covenants, including the Lectures on Faith and Oliver Cowdery's Article on Marriage and Article on Governments and Laws. (6)

The Doctrine and Covenants accepted as a standard work of the Church, Kirtland, Ohio. (7)

At a general assembly at Kirtland, the Book of Doctrine and Covenants was accepted as a rule of faith and practice. (8)

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LDS History Timeline / Chronology

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