Mormon History, 1834

Mormon History Chronology / Timeline

-- During 1834
Zebedee Coltrin: Zion's Camp 1834 (1)

Eber D. Howe obtains Hurlbut's statements of the Solomon Spalding Manuscript Found witnesses. (2)

Eber D. Howe's book Mormonism Unveiled published. (2)

Joseph Smith says he found the bones of Zelph, a white Lamanite. Winter 1834-35 Heber C. Kimball attends theological School in Kirtland. (2)

Oliver Cowdery (with JS's help) writes history. [No mention of 1st vision.] (2)

[Hancock, Levi Ward] Member of Zions Camp 1834. (3)

[Harris, Martin] Member of Kirtland high council 1834. Member of Zions Camp. (3)

[Hyde, Orson] Member of Zions Camp 1834. Ten children: Nathan, Laura Marinda, Emily Matilda, Orson Washington, Frank Henry, Alonzo Eugene, Delia Ann, Heber John, Mary Lavinia, and Zina Virginia. (3)

[Kimball, Heber Chase] Member of Zions Camp 1834. (3)

[Knight, Vinson] Six known children: Almyra, Rizpah, Adaline, James V. Martha, and Rudolphus E. Residing in Perrysburg, New York, at time of conversion 1834. (3)

[Lyman, Amasa Mason] Member of Zions Camp 1834. Eight children: Matilda, Francis Marion, Ruth Adelia, Amasa Mason, Maria Louisa, Lelia Deseret, Love Josephine, and Agnes Hila. (3)

[Miller, George] Moved to Illinois by 1834. (3)

[Murdock, John] Appointed member of Clay County high council 7July 1834. (3)

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