Mormon History, Mar 28, 1835

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-- Mar 28, 1835
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith received the final portions of Doctrine & Covenants 107, a revelation concerning the order and offices of the priesthood. (1)

Joseph Smith announces a revelation on priesthood which includes statements that the First Presidency, Quorum of Twelve Apostles, First Quorum of Seventy, and central high council are all "equal in authority." The revelation authorized the Twelve to ordain patriarchs in "large branches," but not in stakes where only the First Presidency ordained patriarchs until October 1844. (2)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Revelation on priesthood given (D&C 107). (3)

-- Mar 29, 1835
At 11 A.M. at the Kirtland Temple, Joseph Smith and four counselors meet in "Most Holy Place in the Lord's House and sought for a revelation from Him to teach us concerning our going to Zion. . ." After uniting in prayer three times they "call the other Presidents, the two Bishops and their councils (each to stand in his place) and fast through the day and also the night." The "word of the Lord" comes through Joseph Smith "that those who had entered the Holy Place must not leave the House untill morning, . . .we must clens[e] our feet and partake of the sacrament . . . Accordingly we proceeded and cleansed our faces and our feet, and then proceeded to wash each other's feet." Sidney Rigdon and Joseph Smith's wash each other's feet after which Rigdon washes Joseph Smith Senrio's and Hyrum Smith's feet. Joseph Smith washes Frederick G. Williams's feet and then Hyrum Smith washes David Whitmer's and Oliver Cowdery's feet. David Whitmer and William W. Phelps wash each other's fee
t. "The Bishops and their councils were then washed, after which we partook of the bread and wine." They stay in the temple all through the night. (4)

Huntsburg, Ohio. Joseph Smith preached for about three hours on the divinity of the Book of Mormon. (1)

-- During March 1835
[Bennett, John Cook] Dismissed by March 1835 but retained title of Professor of Midwifery, Diseases of Women and Children, and Medical Jurisprudence. (5)

[Lyman, Amasa Mason] Ordained seventy about March 1835. (5)

-- Apr 3, 1835
[Marks, William] Ordained priest before 3 April 1835. (5)

-- Apr 5, 1835
Eliza R. Snow is baptized. (6)

-- Apr 6, 1835
Orson Pratt: Apostle 26 Apr. 1835 (7)

Thomas B Marsh: Ordained apostle 26 Apr. 1835 (7)

-- Apr 7, 1835
Grandison Newell takes the lead of Mentor citizens egging Parley P. Pratt for attempting to preach in their town. (6)

-- Apr 24, 1835
Smith, the Mormon Prophet, was recognised, on Wednesday last, by Justice Miller of this village, for his appearance at the next Court of Common Pleas, to answer to a charge of Assault and Battery committed upon the person of his brother-in-law. [The hearing is postponed when the brother-in-law leaves the state for a time.] PT, Apr. 24, 1835. (6)

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