Mormon History, Jun 5, 1835

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-- Jun 5, 1835
George A. Smith and his second cousin, Lyman Smith, leave Kirtland on a mission to Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and New York, returning November 2. They hold about 80 meetings and baptize eight. Deseret News, Aug. 18, 1858. (1)

[Smith, George Albert] Left 5 June 1835 with second cousin Lyman Smith. (2)

-- Jun 6, 1835
Painesville Telegraph prints of court case against Joseph Smith for beating Calvin Stoddard (his brother-in-law). (3)

-- Jun 10, 1835
Joseph Smith is tried for assault and battery on his brother-in-law, Calvin W. Stoddard. The trouble likely stemmed from Stoddard calling Joseph "a d-d false prophet". Witnesses testified that Stoddard had been the first aggressor. The court dismissed the case, stating that "there could be no cause for further prosecution; that the assault might perhaps be justified on the principle of self-defense." (4)

-- Jun 14, 1835
The high council sends Oliver to find Mr. Hewitt in Fairport. The next day, Oliver writes that Hewitt is not there but Mrs. Hewitt reassures him of her husband's interest in Mormonism. The Hewitts are not heard from again. (1)

-- Jun 15, 1835
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to the brethren in Independence, Missouri. (5)

-- Jun 16, 1835
Geauga county court acquits Joseph of charges brought by brother-in-law Calvin Stoddard that Joseph had deprived him of water rights. During trial Calvin calls Joseph a "damned false prophet," and Joseph knocks him down. Stoddard sues for assault. (1)

-- Jun 18, 1835
Saints contribute $950 toward construction of the House of the Lord. (1)

Sarah Marinda Bates baptized by Orson Pratt [per Pratt]. (3)

-- Jun 20, 1835
Joseph is acquitted on the charge of assaulting his brother-in-law, Calvin Stoddard, in the Court of Common Pleas. PT, June 26, 1835. (1)

-- Jun 21, 1835
Joseph preaches in Kirtland on the Evangelical Order. (1)

-- Jun 25, 1835
$6,232.50 is subscribed for House of the Lord in Kirtland. Joseph, $500; Oliver, $750; W. W. Phelps, $500; John Whitmer, $500; and Frederick G. Williams, $500; all paid within an hour. (1)

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith attended a meeting to raise money for the Kirtland Temple and pledged $500. (5)

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