Mormon History, 1834

Mormon History Chronology / Timeline

-- During 1834
[Murdock, John] Member of Zions Camp 1834. (1)

[Pratt, Parley Parker] Member of Zions Camp 1834. (1)

[Pratt, Parley Parker] Traveled with Joseph Smith and others to New York state February-March 1834 to recruit for Zions Camp. (1)

[Smith, George Albert] Member of Zions Camp 1834. (1)

[Smith, Samuel Harrison] Member of Kirtland high council 1834-38. Four children: Susanna Bailey, Mary Bailey, Samuel Harrison Bailey, and Lucy Bailey. (1)

[Smith, Samuel Harrison] Owned land in Kirtland and paid personal property tax on two cows 1834-35. (1)

[Smith, William B] Member of Zions Camp 1834. (1)

[Snow, Erastus] Missionary work in Vermont 1834-35. (1)

[Thayer, Ezra] Member of Zions Camp 1834. (1)

[Whitmer, David] Chosen and ordained successor to Joseph Smith and President of the Church in Missouri 7July 1834. (1)

[Young, Brigham] Six children: Joseph A. Brigham, Mary Ann, Alice, Luna, and John W. Member of Zions Camp 1834. Worked on Kirtland Temple. (1)

-- During 1834, 1835
Amasa M Lyman: Missions (1834, 1835) (2)

-- During 1834, 1836
Josiah Butterfield: Missions (1834, 1836) (2)

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2 - Quinn, D. Michael, The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power, Appendix 6, Biographical Sketches of General Officers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-47

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