Mormon History, about Jul 14, 1835

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-- about Jul 14, 1835
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith was continually engaged in translating the book of Abraham and arranging a grammar of the Egyptian language as practiced by the ancients. (1)

-- Jul 19, 1835
The remainder of this month, I was continually engaged in translating an alphabet to the Book of Abraham. and arrangeing a grammar of the Egyptian language as practiced by the ancients. (2)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph begins translating the papyrus. It will be known as the Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price. (3)

-- Jul 20, 1835
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to Sally Phelps and offered reassurance that her husband, William, would return safely from his mission. (1)

-- Jul 30, 1835
[Lucy Mack Smith] Don Carlos Smith marries Agnes Coolbrith at Kirtland. (4)

-- During 1835 July
In the early part of this month the rolls of Egyptian papyrus, which contained the writings of Abraham and Joseph in Egypt, were obtained. (5)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Egyptian mummies purchased from Michael Chandler. (6)

[Joseph Smith] early Purchased Egyptian mummies and papyri associated with later book of Abraham translation, Kirtland. (7)

-- During 1835, July
[Joseph Smith] Obtains Egyptian papyri containing writings of Abraham. (8)

-- During Jul-Aug 1835
Around this time (possibly earlier), Sidney Rigdon reportedly enlisted Joseph Smith's help in putting an end to the murder conspiracy against Grandison Newell. Smith, who said he knew nothing of the matter, promised to stop the plot. (9)

-- During summer of 1835
[Hyde, Orson] Mission to eastern states in summer of 1835. (10)

[Kimball, Heber Chase] Mission to eastern states in summer of 1835. (10)

[Patten, David Wyman] Mission to eastern states with Twelve in summer of 1835. (10)

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