Mormon History, Mar 11, 1844

-- Mar 11, 1844
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith attended an organizational meeting of the Council of Fifty, a group assigned to assist with strategic planning for the Church. (1)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, 11 March 1844 At home. 9 A.M. in council [with Council of Fifty] in Lodge room. Henry Miller's. P.M. in council same place. (2)

The Council of Fifty or "Kingdom of God is organized, which includes non-Church members. (3)

William Clayton Included in the formation of the Council of Fifty; next day made "Clerk of the Kingdom." (4)

-- Mar 11, 1844 (Monday)
Joseph Smith and the leading authorities of the Church held another council at Nauvoo about the Saints moving to the mountains. (5)

-- Mar 11, 1844. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] In Council again all day, as last night many great and glorious ideas were advanced, we had a very profitable time. We organized into a Council and I was admitted a member. I will here name whose names were put on the list of members of this important organization: Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Brigham Young, W[illard] Richards, P[arley] P. Pratt, O[rson] Pratt, J[ohn] Taylor, H[eber] C. Kimball, G[eorge] A. Smith, W[illiam] W. Phelps, L[ucien] Woodworth, G[eorge] Miller, A[lex] Badham, P[eter] Haws, Erastus Snow, Reynolds Cahoon, Amos Fielding, A[lpheus] Cutler,72 Levi Richards, N[ewel] K. Whitney, J[ohn] M. Bernhisel, L[orenzo] D. Was[s]on, myself... (6)

-- Mar 12, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 12th A rainy day. I rode to Nauvoo & back to get some things for Wilford. Saw sever[al] brethren of our quorum. They informed me of an interesting meeting they had had sunday night & monday. In the evening Br Lot came to us & we had prayers in the evening together & administered to Wilford & he seemed to receive a blessing. (7)

[Brigham Young] --12-- Met with the Twelve Apostles in council. (8)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith told Brother Joseph C. Cole that the upstairs room in the Prophet's Red Brick Store was needed for more important purposes than the school, which could be moved to Henry Miller's house. (9)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Tuesday, 12 March 1844 At Home. 11 A.M. told Bro[ther] Cole I wanted the room over the store for more important purposes, not to break up the school and wished him to dismiss immediately which he did and called the council of the previous day which assembled in the P.M. and evening. Cole procured Henry Miller's brick house for his school. (2)

The Council of Fifty meets (3)

[Quorum of Twelve] [Meeting of 12th March 1844 — a meeting at which only Hyrum, Sidney Rigdon and N. Richards of the G. A.'s were present; "Ezra Chase entered his name to see if he could."

Issac Chase

"Norton Jacobs March 29, 1844

Josua L. Holman [?] April 22 [?] 1844" (10)

-- Mar. 12-15, 1844
[Joseph Smith] On these days and every few days for the next several weeks, Joseph meets in his "special council." (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 6:262-64.) (11)

-- Mar 13, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 13 I spent part of the day in writing & returned to Nauvoo in the evening. I met in Council with the brethren for the first time during the week. (7)

[Brigham Young] --13-- Attended city council. (8)

[Council of Fifty Members] Clayton, William (1814-1879). Attended provisional meeting on 10 March 1844. Appointed clerk on 10 March 1844. Officially admitted on 11 March 1844. Officially reappointed Clerk of the Kingdom on 13 March 1844. (12)

[Council of Fifty Members] Emmett, James (1803-1852). Admitted 13 March 1844. Dropped 4 February 1845. (12)

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