Mormon History, Feb 28, 1844

-- Feb 28, 1844
[Anointed Quorum] Special prayer circle of men to "pray for Brother [Joseph W.] Coolidge's sick child" (also last entry in Document rifled "Meetings of anointed Quorum - Journalizings," for 26 May 1843 to 28 Feb. 1844, retitled "Journal kept for Joseph Smith the Prophet," Smith papers, microfilm, Lee Library, RLDS archives, and Marriott Library.). (1)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 28th I spent an exeeding sick day. My face was swollen so that I Could scarsly see out of my eyes & pain from my eye tooth was vary severe. I spent the night also without sleep because of paine. (2)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Wednesday, February 28th 1844 At home. [several lines left blank] Phelps writing on O[rsimus] F. Bostwick for [the Nauvoo Nieghbor on behalf of the] women. 4 P.M. Steamer Gen[eral] Brooks passed up the river for the [first appearance of a] boat this season. No ice in sight. [several lines left blank]

Eve[ning], I sent Bro[ther] Coolidge to Bro[ther] Phelps to call the Brethren and pray for Bro[ther] Coolidge['s] sick child. He thought [it] could not live till morning. Bro[ther] Taylor, Phelps, and Richards prayed for him. Rainy day. (3)

-- Feb 29, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 29th The morning found me still in great distress. Elders G. A. Smith & Whitney Came & lade hands upon me & towards night I began to recover & I had a Comfortable & quiate nights rest. (2)

-- Feb 29, 1844 (Thursday)
Moses Smith and Rufus Beach volunteered to join the Oregon exploring expedition. (4)

-- Feb 29, 1844
[Joseph Smith Diary] February 29th 1844 Thursday At home. [several lines left blank] Called at my office. Called out Bro[ther] Phelps and gave him the "Zanesville Gazette" on January 31 st containing the speech of Cassius M. Clay delivered in Scot County, K[entuck]y, December 30[th] 1843 on annexing Texas to the U[nited] S[tates] and instructed him to reply to the same, and gave him the matter and manner &c. and rode on with [Orrin] Porter Rockwell. [several lines left blank] Ohio Steamer went up the river. [several lines left blank] Rainy night. (3)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith directed Brother William W. Phelps to write a reply to an article printed on January 31 in the Zanesville Gazette on Senator Cassius M. Clay's speech about annexing Texas to the United States. (5)

-- Feb 29, 1844?
[Quorum of Twelve] 29th met at the hour appointed. — Pres[ide]nt Joseph Hyrum; & Sidney.-- minutes read.-- Fulmer volunteered James Emmet volunte[e]red.-- Geo[rge] D. Watt said "Gent[l]emen I shall go," = Daniel Spencer said I am willing to go.

Joseph = said he wanted exp[l]oration of the country, all California & Oregon Country. preached the gospel wherever you go. —

Joseph proposed about 24 or 5 — why not go direct to Santa Fe and see what can be done there. — well armed double barreled shot guns. — 1 barrel smooth bore and the other rifle [cock ?] [men ?] 2 [8 ?] barrel revolving pistol. Bowiee [sic] knife, and a good sabre.

Samuel Rolfe — volunteered, --

Daniel Avery, —

Joseph — said let this [?] that can raise $500.00. a double barrel gun good lasso or mules saddle and bride.-- appoint a leader & let him [bed/call ?] up for volunteers, [?] every man that goes wants to be a king a priest, — on the mountain [?] all with his God. — when with the Savage nations to govern— if we donÂ't get up the mission — till after the election [List of volunteers follows. Including Samuel Bent [?] Joseph A. Kelting, Seth Palmer, Amos Fielding, Samuel W. Richards, Charles Shumway, John S. Fulmer, Isa. S. Miles, Geo. D. Watt, A. L. Fullmer, Hosea Stout, Thomas S. Edwards, Moses Smith, Rufus [Buell ?] Jesse D. Hunter, Truman R. Barlow, Seth Palmer had 24 Feb entered beside his name; Isa Miles 25 Feb; Geo. D. Watt, A. L. Fullmer; Hosea Stout, 27; T. C. Edwards 28; Moses Smith 29]. (6)

-- During 1844 Feb
[Black History] J. Smith rejects abolitionism as false priesthood,

Explaining his views on slavery and westward expansion, Smith said that he would free the slaves from a few states, compensate their owners, annex Texas, and settle the freed slaves in Texas, where they would act as a buffer of human flesh against the British, who were also attempting to gain control of Texas:

"British officers are now running all over Texas to establish British influence in that country.... It will be more honorable for us to receive Texas and set the negroes free, and use the negroes and Indians against our foes....How much better it is for the nation to bear a little expense than to have the Indians and British upon us and destroy us all.... The South holds the balance of power. By annexing Texas, I can do away with this evil. As soon as Texas was annexed, I would liberate the slaves in two or three States, indemnifying [i.e. compensating] their owners, and send the negroes to Texas, and from Texas to Mexico, where all colors are alike. And if that was not sufficient, I would call upon Canada, and annex it" (7)

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