Mormon History, Apr 8, 1844

-- Apr 8, 1844
[Joseph Smith] Conference continues. Joseph wants to continue his sermon, but "it is just as impossible, for me to continue the subject of yesterday as to raise the dead. My lungs are worn out." He does, however, state that "the whole of America is Zion itself from north to south." He also speaks on the "washings and anointings, and . . . those last and more impressive ordinances." He urges the completion of the temple, but is physically unable to speak any longer. Another elder preaches for three hours, then Hyrum Smith speaks. (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 6:318-21.) (1)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, April 8th 1844 10 A.M. Pres[iden]t Jos[eph] Smith called the congregation to order. Bro[ther] B[righam] Young, /W[illiam] W. Phelps/ read 15 chap[ter] 1st Corinthians from an old translation. Prayer for some 1/2 Doz[en] sick and opening [of the] meeting by B[righam] Young.

Pres[iden]t J[oseph] Smith said he must give up the subject of yesterday. Made a proclamation. "I have another great and grand Revelation. Great discussion [about] where Zion is. The whole America is Zion that is the Zion where the mountain of the Lord's House shall be, about the central part of N[orth] and South America soon as the Temple is finished. Lord hath ordained where these last and most important ordinances must be in a house, provided for the purpose when we can get a house built first there is the place[, then one can be] Bap[tized,] washed, annointed, sealed &c. for the dead the same as for themselves.

"From henceforth the elders shall build churches where ever the people recieve the gospel[. If there are] sufficient ]numbers] then build stakes to this place. I verily believe that God will establish this place for the salvation of the dead. Those who want to save their dead can come hither. Those who do not wish to come hither to live can bring their families and attend the ordinances and return."

20 mi[nutes to] 11 Elder G[eorge] J. Adams read /17th/ Obadiah "but upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance" Micah 3 chap[ter] latter part fore part [of chapter] 4" chap[ter] Gen[esis] 48 and 49 about to gather up his feet. Deut 33 chap[ter] Isa[iah] 46:12, 13 Paul says as it is written deliverance shall come out of Zion.

Isa[iah] 17 [at the] close. Rushing of the nation [-] to the com[man]d &c. 48 Ps[alms,] 102d P.S.[alms] not give sleep to mine eyes &c. in the fields of the woods 1 Pet[er] 3 and 4 chap[ter]s 24 Isa[iah,] 2d Par[t] Cor[inthians] 15. I declare unto you I bless God for a prophet to tell us what the old Bible means where it don't tell what it means. Hosea [wrote,] "Ephraim what shall I do," quot[e]s him—Jer[emiah] 31 chap[ter] 1 /o'clock/ 16 mi[nutes] closed by A blessing from President Jos[eph] Smith through G[eorge] J. Adams and the conference referred to the Twelve [Apostles] and the Elders notified to meet in 2 hours. Baptism to be attended at 2 1/2 o'clock.

Conference of the Twelve [Apostles] April 8, 1844

15 4 P.M. A large collection of Elders assembled at the stand. Addressed by Patriarch Hyrum Smith on Spiritual wife system. The first one we heard reporting such stories we will report him in the Time[s] and Seasons to come and give up his licence. He was decided against it in every form and spoke at length. President Rigdon Concurred in his remarks following Hyrum. 12 mi[nutes to] 6 adjourned to 8 A.M. tomorrow. (2)

Hyrum Smith teaches: "No marriage is valid in the morn of the resurrection unless the marriage covenant be sealed on earth by one having the keys and power from the Almighty God to seal on earth, and it shall be bound in heaven... The Lord has given Joseph the power to seal on earth and in heaven [for] those who are found worthy; having the Spirit of Elijah and Elias, he has power to seal with a seal that shall never be broken, and it shall be in force in the morn of the resurrection... (3)

[Prophecy] Stakes established in Boston and New York - "In the great cities, as Boston, New York, etc., there shall be stakes" HC 6:319 -- Stakes were established in those cities. (4)

-- Apr 8, 1844, Monday
[William Clayton Writings] Monday 8 Er G. J. Adams preached P.M. attended Ers conference (5)

-- Apr 9, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 9th Conference [met] persuant to adjournment at 8 oclok President B Young in the Chair. Elder Amasa Lyman made some appropriat remarks. Had followed men that done more hurt than good flung more obstructions in the way than they took out. Had taken half of his time to remove prejudice caused by unwise Elders. For God sake dont preach a thing you dont know. Dont appear before the public in a capacity you cannot maintain. A man in Iowa Called a Congregation. The first thing he did was to read a Patriarchal blessing which had some strong meat in it. He would have done better to have preached the gospel. I had rather hear brethren appear small th[an] large. I had rather see a man hold his brother up than pull him down. Preach what will save men. The same that converted you will convert them.

Elder B Young arose and [said] the above doc-trin was true and I will add a remark to it. If man tries to rise by pulling another down he will sink as soon as a peace of pot mettle. Preach faith repentance & Baptism. Say nothing but repentance to this generation. Need not go into mysteries. Preach the same over again. When I heard Br Joseph make his proclamation yesterday I thought it was a sweepstakes when he said North & South America was Zion. Any Elder that will be wise when he gets his endowment can go into any city & build up the largest church in the city. This prooves the prophet true, that the priesthood is fitted for the Condition of evry man & woman that was on the earth. Will the elders go out this season & preach the things we tell them to & then stop? Build up churches in all the world is a perfect knock down to mobs. Now Mo Mob away and best let us alone and we will evangelize the world and not make much fuss about it. Mob us & we will do it sooner. We want th
e Elders to electioneer for President Smith and we want to build the temple this season and by the help of God you we will do it. Pay your tithing if you want a seat in that house. Many other usful remarks was made by Elder Young. Conference Adjourned untill 2 oclok.

Met according to adjournment and called to order by president Brigham Young. President Joseph Young proceded to ordain a number of Elders into the quorum of the Seventies.

B Young remarked O ye Elders of Israel you are the first fruits of the kingdom of God on the earth that is to swallow up all other kingdoms on earth. Now be wise and not fools like many smart young men who have sunk themselves in degradation & infamy, when you go out go before God in prayer and faith. Joseph said he was not known in our midst. He might live & die and not be fully known untill he was weighed in the balance in the eternal world. You do not fully know the day of your visitation. The work is beginning to be seen by the Saints. When J. C. Bennet went forth to try to destroy the Saints A little company of us went before God and asked him to take away his power, and it fell like lightning from Heaven. We asked for Duncan not to be Govor-nor. He was not but he is now dead and damned. We asked for Reynolds to be taken away. He soon shot himself & went to Hell. Carlin is dead and so our enemies have fallen on evry hand. Whare is the officers of Government in washingto
n? Seven were hurled into eternity in an instant by the bursting of a big gun. The bitter branches are beginning to be cut off. Take care O man how you oppose this work for their is a God in Israel. Cannot you practice virtue & holiness in this Church? Yes and it is the corrupt & wicked that oppose the work. Go out & do good and work righteousness.

W. W. Phelps said we want to get up a general meeting in Nauvoo as a kind of convention and we want to do the same in all the states. He remarked that General Smith had undertaken a great work even unto the fulfilling of the Prophets relating to this dispensation.

A contribution was taken up for Joseph Smith to meet a debt. $100 dollars was donated another hundred loaned. Conference was Adjurned untill 2 oclok Saturday to hear a discourse from Elder Taylor on politicks. About three hundred Elders volunteered to go out preaching this season. Their names were taken to be published in the Times & Season. (6)

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