Mormon History, Apr 6, 1844

-- Apr 6, 1844
William Law: Not released at conference 6 Apr. 1844 defended by Hyrum Smith in reconciliation attempt (1)

First counselor Sidney Rigdon tells general conference: "There are men standing in your midst that you can't do anything with them but cut their throat & bury them." (2)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, April 6th 1844 I made a few introductory remarks to an immense number of the saints assembled on the 14th anniversary of Church in the grove 1/4 miles east of the Temple on Young St. [at] 10 A.M. Weather warm. Brisk air from the South.

Prayer by W[illiam] W. Phelps. Singing. Pres[iden]t Sidney Rigdon arose and said it is 5 years to day since I met the saints on such an occasion on account of ill health and named for his text "The Church of Jesus Christ in the Last Days." Gave a brief history of the origin and progress of the Church. We know this is the Church of God.

/4 Lamanites [Indians] and interpreter came in and took a seat on the stand/ [Rigdon] Referred to the wondrous wise men who had been in the Church [who] knew more than God himself. To those among us [who think they are wiser than the church, salvation requires subordination to the Kingdom of God. There are men who have] studied how to be [exempt] and know how far they could go and not get punished by the law.

12 [o'clock noon] Pres[iden]t Rigdon gave way and after singing Elder J[ohn] Taylor spoke. I/4 to 1 [P.M.] Elder Taylor gave way for singing The Red Man ["O, Stop and Tell Me, Red Man"].

P.M. 1/4 to 3 Commenced by singing. Prayer by J[ohn] P. Green. Singing. President Rigdon resumed his subject of the morning, "The Church of Christ" [and how it will continue to] rise [because of its] authenticity. Light to those concerned. Those who have turned away and say they did not believe it like the adversary. Reasons of our secret associations at the commencement nothing but what will become public property at the proper time. Sat with the President[, and others] before him [on the stand, in shackles in the Richmond Jail]. Before God under lock and keys for weeks. 30 men come upon them [shouting] God dam[n] you to hell /&c. &c/ [wrenched emotion] from every heart. While we were thus shut up the heaven's opens opened to us.

A gentleman from Mexico come and spent some days with us. He slipt out some dark night[. We] saw some armed men come in, armed themselves and chased them [him] 1/2 a mile, [and] after[wards] the mob tarred and feathered him &c. Mob us into the secret place and then say why don't you work in public. Men in your [ . . . ] The kingdom of God is at the defiance of all earthly laws and yet breaks none.

A little before 5 o'clock the assembly were dismissed without ceremony /till 10 next morning/ on the appearance of a shower. The people had scarce time to retire before a heavy shower of rain, wind, thunder, and lightning followed. Leaves began to show themselves on the trees. (3)

[Sermon] Joseph Smith: Character and Being of God - Creation - Salvation of the Dead - The Unpardonable Sin - Resurrection - Baptism of the Spirit, Etc., JD 6:1 - 11 (4)

-- Apr 6, 1844 (Saturday Morning)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location: In Grove, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, USA

Source: Times and Seasons 5 -1 May 1844-: 522 -Words of Joseph Smith, 338) Conference Minutes

Conference met pursuant to appointment, on Saturday the 6th of April, 1844.

Present, President Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Sidney Rigdon and William Marks.

Of the Twelve, Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Willard Richards, Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, and George A. Smith.

The members of the High Council, an immense number of elders, and an innumerable concourse of people

Saturday, April 6, 1844.

Presidents Joseph, and Hyrum Smith came to the stand at 1/4 past 10 o'clock, when the meeting was called to order by elder Brigham Young. The choir sung a hymn, after which President Joseph Smith rose to state to the congregation the nature of the business which would have to come before them. He stated that it had been expected by some that the little petty difficulties which have existed, would be brought up and investigated before this conference, but it will not be the case; these things are of too trivial a nature to occupy the attention of so large a body. I intend to give you some instruction on the principles of eternal truth, but will defer it until others have spoken, in consequence of the weakness of my lungs. The elders will give you instruction, and then, (if necessary) will offer such corrections as may be proper to fill up the interstices. Those who feel desirous of sowing the seed of discord will be disappointed, on this occasion. It is our purpose to build u
p, and

establish the principles of righteousness, and not to break down and destroy. The great Jehovah has ever been with me, and the wisdom of God will direct me in the seventh hour; I feel in closer communion, and better standing with God than ever I felt before in my life, and I am glad of this opportunity to appear in your midst. I thank God for the glorious day that he has given us. In as large a congregation, it is necessary that the greatest order and decorum be observed; I request this at your hands, and believe that you will all keep good order. (5)

[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location: In Grove, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, USA

Source: Willard Richards Diary -Words of Joseph Smith, 340) Special [meeting] at the stand 1/4 m E [of] Temple. (5)

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