Mormon History, Feb 17, 1844

-- Feb 17, 1844
Anti-Mormons hold a convention in Carthage and draw up various resolutions, one of which is to declare March 9, 1844, as a day of fasting and prayer for the downfall of Joseph Smith. (1)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, February 17th 1844 At home. (2)

-- Feb 17, 1844 (Saturday)
The anti-Mormons held a convention at Carthage, Ill., the object being to devise ways and means for expelling the Saints from the State. (3)

-- Feb 17, 1844. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] At President Joseph's all day. Evening with [Reynolds] Cahoon at Joseph's. Emma talked a good deal about B[righam] Young and others. (4)

-- February the 17th 1844
[High Council Minutes]

High Council met according to adjournment at the residence of President William Marks. William Marks and Charles C. Rich Presiding.

Councellors present. 1) S. Bent 2) J. Allred 3) L.D. Wilson 4) A. Cutler 5) D. Fulmer 6) George W. Harris 7) Thos Grover 8) Richard D Sprangue pro. tem. 9) Joseph M. Cole pro tem 10) W. Huntington 11) L Soby & 12) H.G. Sherwood. Prayer by Prest Charles C. Rich.

-President Marks then informed the Council that a difficulty had been A difficulty from the members of the Highland branch was laid before the Council by president Marks and after some remarks by the Council it was laid over and Councillors Samuel Bent and Alpheus Cutler were appointed to go and visit said branch and settle the difficulty and make such organizations as they might consider best calculated for the good of the branch.

James Newberry against Warren Smith


"Nauvoo February 3rd 1844.

To the High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ

I hereby prefer a charge against Warren Smith for unchristian like conduct.

1st In exacting more of me than is his just due.

2nd For breaking his promise by with-holding from me a deed of a certain price or lot of land which I have paid him for according to agreement.

James Newberry

Councillor Bent observed that he thought that this difficulty could be settled without bringing it before the Council; upon which by consent of parties it was left to Councellors Saml Bent and Alpheus Cutler to settle it and after a short absence they returned and reported that they had settled the matter to the satisfaction of the parties.

Henry G. Sherwood added to the committee

The case of Orlando D. Hovey against Levi Nickerson was next brought up and the defendant not being present it was adjourned till next meeting of the Council and Councillor Thomas Grover was appointed to *** and effect a settlement between the parties before that time.

Adjourned till two weeks from to day at one o'clock P.M. (the 2nd of March)

Hosea Stout Clerk. (5)

-- Feb 18, 1844
[Anointed Quorum] Sunday evening prayer circle meeting at 7 p.m., "I attended Prayer Meeting over the store. Sister Hyde was there"; Marinda Nancy Johnson (Hyde, Richards, Smith) was anointed and endowed . [Elden Jay Watson, ed., Manuscript History of Brigham Young, 1801-1844 [Salt Lake City: Smith Secretarial Service, 1968]. wrongly implies that this was a male-only meeting. (6)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 18th Sunday I preached at Robert Hills. Had a good time. Br Bendow was still sick. I Blessed 3 Children Administered to 2 sick.

On our return home I met with the quorum President J Smith with us. We had a good time. Sister Orson Hyde was present. (7)

[Brigham Young] --18-- I met in the evening in the Assembly Room. Brother Joseph and the Twelve were present. (8)

William Clayton's polygamous wife, Margaret Moon Clayton (sister of Clayton's first wife), bears a child Daniel Adelbert who dies six months later, and his father comments that "the tongue of slander has swung freely against him." Joseph Smith had performed this marriage. (9)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, February 18th 1844 I preached at the Temple to a large collection. [several lines left blank].

4 P.M. Went to my office with Hyrum and 2 men from St. Louis. Heard Dr. Richards read my correspondence with Calhoun and Phelps [read] My views of the gen[eral] Government. I attended Prayer Meeting at seven over the store. Sister Hyde was there.

Fine warm weather for a week with cold nights. The ice left the south shore of the city this morning of many [-] extant. (2)

[Joseph Smith Sermon] I Preached at the Temple to a Large Collection.

John Bennion to Samuel Bennion , 18 February 1844

I am ancious for you and all the rest of our family to be here. You know according to Scripture all things have got to be restored If so the old man or patriarch is not to be separated from his posterity until death nor the children from the father. But like good old Jacob who stood at the hed of his family till a good old age and then called his sons together and blessed them This doctrine along with many other glorious truths have got to be restored in there place This patriarchal order is already entered into by many families in this city This fornoon [sic] we have been hearing Jos [ep]h Smith preach in the open air to a congreagation of several thousand I rejoice in the truths which I hear from time to time All the tribulation and disappointment through which the Saints have to pass is forgotten when the glory and greatness of the Eternal worlds are placed before the mond. It is then of the greatest importance [DEL: then :DEL] that we keep the commandments of God given t
o hisSaints that we may escape the judgments which await the inhabitants of the earth My desire is that you and I with our Familys and conections may stand on Mount Zion where there shall be peace and safty. [Joseph Smith Diary, by Willard Richards] (10)

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