Mormon History, Sep 14, 1842

-- Sep 14, 1842
The SANGAMO JOURNAL carries the following notice: "We, the undersigned, feeling ourselves aggrieved by the conduct of Joseph Smith, and others of the leaders of the Church of Latter Day Saints-and feeling that we have been most scandalously imposed upon in matters and things of a Divine character, wish publicly to withdraw from said Church, and no longer claim allegiance thereto." It is signed by ten people. (1)

-- Sep 15, 1842
The Times and Seasons reports a conversation between Joseph Smith and a clergyman
[Smith:] What is the fundamental doctrine of your faith?' [minister:] 'The unity of Godâ€"one God in one person.' [Smith:] 'We don't agree with you. We believe in three Gods. There are three personages in Heavenâ€"all equal in power and glory, but they are not one God.' [minister, commenting:] I suppose, from what I heard, that Smith makes it a point not to agree with any one in regard to his religious opinions, and adapts himself to the person with whom he happens to be talking for the time being."
[Times and Seasons editor; Smith himself?:] Tolerable fair:â€"Though the idea that Joseph Smith adapts his conversation to the company, is an error. Joseph Smith opposes vice and error, and supports his positions from revelation: no odds whether there be two, three, or "Gods many." The Father, and the Son are persons of Tabernacle; and the Holy Ghost a spirit, besides the sons of God: for the scriptures say: "Ye are Gods." [Times and Seasons 3:22 (September 15, 1842), p. 926] (2)

John Smith: Appointed to move to Keokuk, Iowa, 15 September 1842. (3)

-- Sep 16, 1842
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith was at home sitting for his portrait painted by Brother David Rogers. (4)

-- Sept 17th 1842
[High Council Minutes]
Council met according to adjournment
Priest Truman Gilbert presented a Recommend from the Kirtland Branch Ohio and was ordained an Elder according to his request
Charles Greenwood requested an ordination he was recommended by L. Soby he was ordained
Henry G Sherwood, G.W. Harris & Hosea Stout were appointed a committee to go & see Br Robinson former clerk for the purpose of procuring a book [Far West Record] from him which had the proceedings of General Conferences of the Church [and] High Councils of Kirtland Ohio Clay County & Far West Mo.
Adjourned for one week to the same time & place
Hosea Stout Clk. (5)

-- Sep 19, 1842
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith continued to sit for his portrait being painted by Brother David Rogers. (4)

[Wilford Woodruff] Sept 19th I Commenced work this day for the first time for 40 days. I had made arangments with Brother Bullard to do my fall work with his team but he informed me this morning that he would return to Iowa & what use I had of his team I must use it during the week. As I had been sick so long I had eat out & Burned out as it were for having any wood I turned out to work. I cut one acre of corn during my first days work & stooked it up. (6)

-- Sep 20, 1842
[Wilford Woodruff] 20th & 21 Spent these two days drawing wood to my door. (6)

-- Sep 21, 1842
special meeting in "the large room over the store," which may have been the Anointed Quorum (BLL, Hc). (7)

-- Sep 22, 1842
[Wilford Woodruff] 22d Spent the day Choreing about home. I had an interview with Elders Young & Kimball who had returned home for a few days to get some printing done. They were going out again in few days to hold conferences through this state. They had met in council with Joseph who thought it wisdom for Elder Taylor & myself to remain at home & attend to Printing. The Lord hath opened a door within a few days for puting the town of Keokirk into the hands of the Saints & Joseph's council was for me to go to keo-kirk & publish a political paper & Elder Taylor publish the Times & Seasons in Nauvoo. So I am aranging the affairs of my family to do as the Lord may direct.
In addition to my own sickness Mrs Woodruff has had a rising on both of her thumbs which appears to be a species of the fellen which has caused her much pain for two or three weeks. Also our Baby Phebe Amelia has been quite sick for two or three weeks & for two days has been considerd dangerous. (6)

-- Sep 23, 1842
George Miller: Elected brigadier-general in Nauvoo Legion 23 September 1842. (3)

[Wilford Woodruff] 23d I spent the day drawing corn on the stock. I drew one acre of corn 1 mile & put it into a rick at home, & felt exceding weary at night. The Officers of the Nauvoo Legion met for training during the day. (6)

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