Mormon History, 1Jan43

-- 1843 January 1
January 1st 1843, Sunday Speaker of the House of Representatives called to inform us we could have the Hall for preaching this day.//Esq[ui]r[e] Butterfield called with Esq[ui]r[e] Gilaspie, Judge Douglass, [and] Mr. Rusk. Joseph explained the nature of a Prophet, "[The] spirit of Prophecy, which is the testimony of Jesus, is necessary to constitute a witness or a preacher or a prophet."//Three Gent[lemen] called, One from Cass County (Esq[ui]r[e] Pratt).//11 8/11 A.M. Repaired to House of Representatives. 11 1/2 [A.M.] Elder [Orson] Hyde read the Hymn "Rejoice Ye Saints of Latter Days." Elder  [john] Taylor followed in prayer. The Saints then sung "The Spirit of God like a Fire is Burning" &c. 3 verses. Elder Hyde then read a portion of the 3d Chapter of Malichi commencing at the beginning 6 verses.//[Elder Hyde said,] "Although strangers permit me to wish you all a happy new year. Though aware /of/ the difficulties and prejudices yet we let it all pass by like the summer threshing floors. 'For what is chaff to the wheat.' saith the Lord. Lord whom ye seek and supposed to be John [the] Baptist. It was not fulfilled at [the] coming [of] Christ. After [the] Jews return from Babylon in a short time the prophets were killed. Malachi about 500 years before Christ. Lost Record. Hosea [was] sawn asunder in the valley of Jehosophet.//"From Malachi to John [the] Baptist [the] voice of Revelation was not heard. John came to prepare the way. [He] baptized many of the different sects. Lawyers &c. were the ones who could not be baptized. [They] were the first to pers[e]cute and rec[e]ive the curses of the Savior [who] died in Jerusalem and ascended from Mount Olivet. [The] Temple [was] built by the commandment of God [and] received the heavenly messenger. It became polluted. Took a whip of small cords &c., not one stone shall not be thrown down. German Bible says, 'which shall not be broken.' Temple [is a] Type of the church. Spirit of God is mind of God.//"When a lad I went out to find poultry. Where the corn was done every one went his own way and sung his own  song. When inspiration ceased every one sung his own song. Gross darkness covered the people. Let us have this temple purified. How shall I educ[a]te my son? God no longer speaks then is prima facie Evidence he never spoke to you. Will send his messengers and Lord shall come suddenly, objected Angels no more come? Four angels &c. in Rev[elation] when servants of God are sealed have a mark by which God knows them, send his angels &c.//"The Lord has sent his angel in these last days. If the Christian church will not be cleansed, God will put his finger on this and on that nation, and nation will rise against nation. We are neither Catholic [n]or P[r]otestant, but like the Temple {page 31 } we have not passed under the polishing of any denomination and the people think to throw down the Latter Day Saint under the rubbish, but they cannot do without them." /Elder Hyde [concluded his remarks and] returned thanks.///Quarter [past] 1, I retired for dinner /to Judge Adams/. 2 1/2 [P.M.] returned to the Representatives Hall. 3.3[0 P.M.] Elder Hyd[e] read Hymn 154 page and followed in prayer. Elder Taylor Read Rev[elation] 14 ch[apter] 6 and 7 verses. [Elder Taylor said,] "Some object to my text in Rev[elation] because it is so mysterious. Whatever is revealed is not a mystery. Blessed is he that readeth and might refer to the ministering of angels to Noah, Abraham, Ezekial, Paul, Peter, past.//"Old and New Testament is not the gospel, as a map is not the country it represents. It tells  what the gospel is. Gospel is good news a savor of life to them that receive or the sabor [saber] of Death unto death to those who reject. Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation. Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel &c. These signs shall follow them &c., faith, Repenta[n]ce, Baptism, Laying on of Hands, certain officers, enough that we have it in the Bible can read of those things which were tong[u]es, dreams, &c. A man has a history of a feast in his pocket can read it in the wilderness to keep from starving." 4 1/2 [P.M.] Elder Taylor returned thanks to the audience and the Lord and meeting dispersed.//Went to Bro[ther] Bowman's to supper. His wife /Julia Stringham/ was baptiz[e]d at Colesville, [New York] one of the first fruits. Many Saints called to see the President.//While supper was preparing Joseph related an anecdote. While young, his father had a fine large watch dog which bit off an ear from David Stafford's hog, which Stafford had turned into Smith['s] corn field. Stafford /shot the dog and/ with six other fellows pitched upon him [Joseph] unawares. Joseph whipped the whole of them and escaped unhurt /which they swore to as recorded in Hurlburt's or Howe's Book [Mormonism Unvailed]/.//[Joseph also related,] While in Kirtland a Baptist Priest came in my house and abused my family. I turned him out of doors. He raised his cane to strike me  and continued to abuse me. I whipped him till he begged. He threatened to prosecute me. I sent Luke Johnson the constable after him and he run him out of the County into Mentor. 7 [P.M.] returned to Judge Adams. *

-- 1Jan43
[Joseph Smith Sermon] This a.m. we had a pleasant interview with Mr. Butterfield, Judge Douglas, Senator Gillespie & others. pres. Joseph stated to Mr. Butterfield the prominent points of difference in sentiment between the Latter Day Saints & sectarian viz: the latter are all circumscribed by some peculiar creed which deprives its members of the right of believing anything not contained in it; whereas the Latter Day Saints have no creed, but are ready to believe all true principle existing, as they are made manifest from time to time. He said further, that if any person should ask him if he was a prophet he should not deny it. As to deny it would give him the lie & then shewed from the Revelations of John that any man who has the testimony of Jesus has the spirit of prophesy &c.
Esqr. Butterfield called with Esqr. Gilaspie - Judge Douglass. and Rusk. - Joseph explained the nature of a prophet. Spirit of Prophecy. which is the testimony of Jesus is necessary to constitute a witness or a preacher, or a prophet. (1)
-- 1Jan43(2)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Remarks of Joseph Smith while waiting for dinner at home of Julia[?] Stringham Bowman Springfield, Ill. on January 1,
Joseph related an anecdote. while young his father had a fine large watch dog. which bit off an ear from David Staffords hog, which stafford had turned into Smithcorn field. Stafford ^shot, the Dog, &with six other fellows pitched upon him [Joseph] unawars. & Joseph whipped the whole of them. & escaped unhurt. which they swore to as recorded in Hurlburts or Howe's Book while in Kirtland a Baptist Priest come in my house & abused my family. I turned him out of doors.
he said he's come to strike me & continued to abuse me. I whipped him tell he begged.- he threatened to prosecute me - I sent Luke Johnson the constable after him & he run him out of the county into Mentor (1)
-- Jan 1, 1843
Joseph Smith tells dinner guests of his confrontation with a Baptist minister in Kirtland: "I whipped him till he begged. He threatened to prosecute me. I sent [apostle] Luke Johnson the constable after him and he run him out of the County into Mentor." Earlier in the day Smith had told visiting dignitaries, "the most prominent difference in sentiment between the Latter-day Saints and sectarians was, that the latter were all circumscribed by some peculiar creed, which deprived its members the privilege of believing anything not contained therein, whereas the Latter-day Saints have no creed, but are ready to believe all true principles that exist, as they are made manifest from time to time." (2)
[Wilford Woodruff Journal] Jan 1st
I spent this day by Starting at sunrise in company with Mrs Woodruff & Br Newbury & two sisters in a two hors sleigh & crossing the Mississippi River on the ice & travled 15 miles into iowa Territory & Joined Mr Abram Newbury & Miss Eliza Duty in Matrimony. We then took diner & returned home making in all 30 miles while the thermometer stood 10 degrees below zero. (3)
-- January 1st 1843
[High Council Minutes]
Council met acording to adjournment. No buisness. Adjourned till next Sabbath at 2 o'clock at this place.
Hosea Stout, Clerk (4)
-- 2Jan43
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Prophecy - Slaves Equals of White Men - Oppression
Faith Brings Fruits of Spirit - Nature of Meekness
World Deceived in Hope of Salvation - Must Have Gifts of Spirit
Restoration of Melchizedek Priesthood? (1)
-- Jan 2, 1843
[Black History] Joseph Smith rejects inter-racial marriage, (5)
Contrary to then-current views of the inherent inferiority of African-Americans, Joseph Smith affirmed that social environment, not nature, determined their status: "Change their situations with the whites, and they [African-Americans] would be like them." However, he opposed racial intermarriage and integration, and instead favored emancipation and black nationalism: "Had I anything to do with the negro, I would confine them by strict law to their own species, and put them on a national equalization." (2)
Springfield, Illinois. Regarding the outcome of the ongoing trial against him, Joseph Smith prophesied that he would not go to Missouri, dead or alive. (6)
[Wilford Woodruff Journal] 2d It is an important erea in the history of the Church about these days. Joseph Smith the Prophet & Seer of the Church has been Persecuted & driven into the willderness from his family & Church in Nauvoo in consequence of illegal oaths, affidavits & edicts, from men in authority Govornors &c. But having a new govornor Joseph Smith came forth & deliverd himself up to the authorities & demanded a trial & it has been granted him within a few days past before the Circuit Court of the United States & has been honorably acquited according to the law of the Land, & is now returning to Nauvoo to have a jubilee.
Elder John Taylor has gone to springfield with Joseph & about 20 other Brethren which leaves the Printing Office in my care which makes much business for me more than I can conveniently attend to. (3)

--1843 January 2
January 2nd, Monday After breakfast Joseph prophesied in the name of the Lord God, "I shall not /go/ to Missouri dead or alive." Mr. Jonas from Adams called [and] conversed on the policy of modifying the City charters.//9 1/2 A.M. Repaired to the court house. 10 [A.M.] court opened. Judge Pope present. Docket read by the clerk in matter of Joseph Smith and then of various Bankrupts.  When the court opened Joseph was with his attorney in his office [and] rested while the Docket was reading. At the close of the reading The Marshall waited on 7 ladies who took their seats beside the Judge [at his request to witness the proceedings]. The state Attorney [General] /Esqu[i]r[e] Lamborn/ requested the case to be continued till tomorrow morning out of respect to the officers of State and of the Gov[enor] of Missouri. Wednesday morning was set for trial.//Esqu[i]r[e] Butterfield moved to file some objections to facts set forth in the Habeus Corpus. Joseph Smith is not a fugitive from justice. [He] was not in M[iss]o[uri]  at that time, has not been for 3 years &c. but was in Nauvoo when the attack was made on Lilborn W. Boggs. Filed. Ladies retired.//10 1/2 [A.M.] Repaired to the Senate Lobby had conversation with Senator Davis, Mr. Webber (Resolution lost to make up the deficit of the failure of the State Bank to public office), [and] Mayor Baker of Sangamon. Senator appears much like an African Monkey. At /one/ moment standing by one stove, the next by another on the opposite side of the chamber, setting down in every Senator's chair in his way. He never goes out of his way, for his way is every where and his nose in every man's face. Eating apples, staring at and pointing and staring at every one. Next moment in the Galery pointing the Ladies to Old Joe whom he once drilled his regiment to go against and slaughter him or give him up to Missouri. An eavesdropper, a monkey without a monkey's wit.//J[acob] B. Backenstos wishing to return to Carthage gave the names of Witnesses who dined with Joseph on the 7th day of May, [the day in question, as] James H. Ralston, J. N. Morris,/ [who] can[n]ot com[e, and] Almeron/ Wheat.//Rep[rentative] Geo[rge] C. Dixon at the /Mrs. Eno's/ brick Hotel. Several Senators came and conversed with Joseph /viz. Chief Justice Wilson of Illinois court/.//A discussion arose in the Senate on the propriety of Taxing the rich for repair of Roads. [Senator] Davis spoke in faver. Bill laid on the Table till 4 July. Repaired 12 A.M. to Senator Davis' private room. Mr. Nye called. Dined at the American opposite Judge Pope and Brown. As we arose from the table Judge Brown invited Joseph to his room. I [Joseph] Told him [I knew] he was about publishing a history of Illinois and wished him {page 38) to [allow me to] furnish a history of the rise and faith of the Church of Latter Day Saints to add to his history. 1 1/2 [P.M.] returned to Jud[g]e Adams'.//A gentleman from St. Louis told General /Law/ that the "General Impression was that Joseph was innocent and it would be a kind of murder to give him up. They thought he ought to be whipt alittle and let go." It is evident that prejudice is giving way and good feeling is gaining ascendency in the public mind.//4 o'clock Esq[ui]r[e] Lamborn [the] state's attorney [general], the marshall, and some 1/2 dozen others called. The Marshall said it was the first time in  his administration that the Ladies had attended court on trial.//Mr. McCoy of Missouri told the Marshall that he tried to pacify the people and keep the peace. It was false, he headed a co[mpany] and was a leader in the mob.//Esq[ui]r[e] Lamborn remarked "Mr. Smith is a very good looking, jovial man." "Examine his head," said Laconly, "I think he is not particuarly given to burglary, rape, and Murder."//Esq[ui]r[e] Lindsay had much conversation. Marshall was very Jovial and  pleasant. A peculiarly pleasant and conciliatory feeling pervailed through the company and the Marshall invited Joseph to a family dinner when he was freed.//5 o'clock went to Mr. W[illia]m Sollar's. Mr. Bridewood visited in the eve. Elder Hyde was present and after Supper asked, "What is the situation of the Negro?" [Joseph replied,] "They come into the world slaves, mentally and physically. Change their situation with the white and they would be like them. They have souls and are subjects of salvation. Go into Cincinati and find one educated [and who] rid[els in his carriage. He has  risen by the power of his mind to his exalted state of respectability. Slaves in Washington [are] more refined than the president. Boys will take the shine off those they brush and wait on."//Says Elder Hyde, "Put them on the [same] level and they will rise above me." Joseph [said], "If I raised you to be my equal and then attempt to oppress you would you not be indignant and try to rise above me? Did not Oliver Cowdery and Peter Whitmer and many others say I was fallen and they were capable of Leading the people.  Had I any thing to do with the Negro I would confine them by strict Laws to their own Species [and] put them on a national Equalization.//"Because faith is wanting the fruits [of faith] are not [evident]. No man since the world was, ever had faith without having something along with it. The ancients quen[c]hed the violence of [nature and] escaped the edged of the sword. Women received their Dead &c. By faith the worlds were made. A man who has none of the gifts has no faith. He deceives himself if he supposes it. Faith has been wanting not only among the brethren but professed Christendom also, that Tongues and healings  and prophecy and prophets and apostles and all these gifts and blessings have been wanting." Joseph spoke at great length and edification to the little co[mpany].///Objections being made to the Prophet's [lack of] meekness/ "I am meek and lowly in heart. I will personify Jesus for a moment to illustrate and [for] you inquirers. 'Wo unto you ye Doctors. Wo unto you ye scribes, pharisees, and Hypocrit[e]s.'//''You cannot find the place where I ever went that I found fault with their food, their drink, their board, or their Lodging. No never. This is what is meant by the meekness and Lowliness of Jesus."//Mr. Sollars stated that James Mullone, carpenter, of Springfield told him he had been to Nauvoo and seen Joe Smith the Prophet. He had a grey horse and I [Mullone] asked him where he got it and the Prophet said, "you see that white cloud?" "Yes." "Well as it came along I got the horse from that cloud." Joseph replied, "It was a lie. I never told him so."///In reference to preparing Generally/, what is it inspires with a hope of Salvation? It is that smooth sophisticated influence of the Devil by which he deceives the whole world. Mr. Sollars says, "May I not Repent and be baptized and not pay any attention to dreams and visions &c?" Joseph said, "Suppose I am Travelling and I am hungry and meet  a man and tell him I am hungry. He tells me to go yonder, there is a house for Entertainment, go knock, and you must conform to all the rules of the house or you cannot satisfy your hunger. Knock, call for food and set down and eat, and I go and knock and ask for food and set down to the table but do not eat shall I satisfy my hunger? No! I must eat. The Gifts are the food. The graces of the spirit are the Gifts of the spirit."//Joseph [said], ''When I first commenced this work and had got 2 or 3 individuals to believe I went about 30 miles with Oliver Cowdery, one horse between us, to see  them. When we arrived, a mob of a hundred come upon us before we had time to eat, and chased us all night and we arrived back again about 60 miles in all, and without food, a little after Day light. I have often travelled all night to see the brethren and often been turned away without food."//Evening closed by singing and prayer per El[der] Hyde. Posted the bed on the floor [for] Joseph, Orson, [and] Willard.//Tuesday, 3d January 1843 8 [A.M.] Called after breakfast on Sister Crane and blessed the boy. Joseph Smith returned to Judge Adams. Present Mr. Trobridge, Mr. Beers, Mr. Jonas, and Esqu[i]r[e] Browning. [We] conversed on the old Missouri case.  /Esqu[i]r[e] Browning expressed the best of feeling///9 1/2 [A.M.] Repaired to court Room. Present Mr. Butterfield, Owen, Pope, Prentice. Mr. Prentice told a very interesting story concerning Bro[ther] Eddy's debate with Mr. Slocum the Presbyterian Priest on the Steam boat "Nonpariel" in August last. Present at that time [were] Rev. Mr. Wells and McCoy. Affidavits prepared during the P.M. Joseph at Judge Adams'.//At Dusk the Marshall, Mr. Prentice, called with subpoeneas and sat some time and retold the story about Rev. Mr. Slocum &c. After he retired Joseph prophecied in the name of the Lord that no very formidable  opposition would be raised at the trial on the morrow.//Evening spent in a very social manner. The most harmonious feeling prevailed. Closed by Singing and Prayer by Elder Hyde. Joseph Lodged on the soffa as he has every night but one since he has been in Springfield.//Mr. Butterfield wrote drafts of Affidavits. 12 retired to Judge Adams. *

-- Jan 3, 1843
Springfield, Illinois. While in Springfield awaiting trial, Joseph Smith called upon Sister Crane and blessed her baby, Joseph Smith Crane. (6)

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