Mormon History, Jan 15, 1843

-- Jan 15, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15 Sunday I spent the time at home. (1)
-- January 15th 1843
[High Council Minutes]
Council met according to adjournment.
Present Williams Marks, President.
(1) S. Bent (2) J. Allred (3) Reuben Hadlock pro tem. (4) A. Cutler (5) D. Fulmer (6) G.W. Harris (7) T. Grover (8) A. Johnson (9) N. Knight (10) W. Huntington (11) L. [torn, probably L.D. Wilson] (12) Elias Higbee pro tem.
Prayer by Prest W. Marks
Benjamin Kempton against Jacob Gates.
Apealed from the Bishop's court of the ninth ward, as follows:
Appealed by Jacob Gates.
"To the Bishop and Council of the ninth Ward.
I hereby prefer a charge against Jacob Gates, for taking an unchristianlike way in wronging or trying to wrong me out of about $5 which is my just due.
Benjamin Kempton (2)
-- 1843 January 16
Monday, January 16th [entry left blank]
Tuesday, Janu[ua]ry 17th At home. Fast day. Meeting in the Court Room /with 6 others/. Reference on Dr. Foster's Land case. [rest of page blank] *

-- Jan 16, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 16, 17 & 18 Was spent in the printing office. (1)
Sidney Rigdon forwards Bennett's letter to Orson Pratt. Orson Pratt brings the letter to Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith accuses Sidney Rigdon of plotting with John C. Bennett and Governor Carlin to have him arrested [per Joseph Smith]. (3)
-- 17Jan43
[Joseph Smith Sermon] The Kingdom of God is Present Whenever a Legal Administrator Exists (4)
-- Jan 17, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 17th This was an interesting day. A day that was appointed by general procklamation for humiliation fasting & Prayer & thanksgiving for the release & delivery we had received. Meetings were appointed in each ward throughout the city.
I met at President Joseph Smith's & we had an interesting time. Br Joseph spoke to some length on the kingdom of God & the Baptism of John. He said the kingdom of God was set upon the earth in all ages from the days of Adam to the presant time whenever there was a man on earth who had authority to Administer the ordinances of the gospel or a priest of God & unto such a man God did reveal his will concerning the Baptism of John. It was the Baptism of repentance unto the remission of sins for the receiving of the Holy Ghost & it was the gospel Baptism. These were questions which had been in debate for many years & in some degree among the Saints.
He also spoke upon the subject of honor & dishonor &c. Many prayers & exhertations were made. I spoke twice & felt much of the spirit of the Lord & had an interesting time. (1)
As proclaimed by the Quorum of the Twelve a week earlier this day is observed "as a day of humiliation, fasting, prayer and thanksgiving for the great blessings which our heavenly Father has conferred on us in the deliverance of our beloved President, Joseph Smith, who has been honorably discharged from his arrest under the Missouri writ by the U. S. District Court of Illinois; Judge Pope presiding." (5)
Nauvoo, Illinois. At an overflowing public meeting at his home, Joseph Smith spoke at length on the kingdom of God and the manner of baptism performed by John the Baptist. (6)
-- Jan 18, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Jan 18th Joseph Smith the Prophet & his Lady made a fiest for his friends as a time of rejoiceing with them in consequence of his deliverence from oppression. We had an interesting day about 20 of those who went with him to Springfield & also the Twelve & many others numbering in all about 75 persons. Gen Law & Miss Eliza Snow had composed each of them a song which was printed in a hand Bill & sung as it was vary appropriate to the occasion.
After having our feast over & spending the day in social conversation we returned to our homes rejoiceing that [we] could again have the privilige of enjoying the society of our prophet & seer.
/Orson Pratt Resteration/ (1)
[Emma Smith] Grand celebration at Joseph and Emma-s home for their sixteenth wedding anniversary and his acquittal. (7)
Joseph Smith throws a feast for his friends "as a memento of his release from the Missouri writ by the U. S. District Court of Illinois." That night Joseph dreams "a sheriff came after me. A man put a musket in my hand and told me to keep him. I took the musket and walked around him. When he went to go away, I would push him back . . . " (5)
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph and Emma celebrate sixteenth wedding anniversary with guests. (8)
[Polygamy] Willard Richards polygamous marriage to Sarah Longstroth (9)

-- 1843 January 18
January 18th 1843 Party /began to/ assembleet at the time appointed and before 12 o'clock the Jubilee songs—by Gen[eral] Law and Miss [Eliza R.] Snow were distributed by the governor of the feast to fifty individuals—the party invited except Mr. Moffat who were seated in the Court Room, who sung the same. Elder Taylor then read a vision from a New Orleans paper. Broilher] and Sister Marks came in.
Gen[era]l S[mith]: "I will call your attention to one of the most enticing cases you ever saw." He then arose and read a letter from John C. Bennet[t] to [Elders Orson] Pratt and [Sidney] Rigdon dated Springfield, January 10th 1843, Stating that [Jacob B.] Backenstows  was soon going to have Joseph arrested on the old score from M[iss]o[uri] and for Murder &c. Mr. Pratt shewed Joseph the Letter. Mr. Rigdon did not want to have it known that he had any hand in showing the letter. Joseph said he had sent word to Gov[ernor] Ford by Backensto[s] that before he would be troubled any more by M[iss]o[uri] he would fight first.
Dreamed that a sheriff came after me [Joseph]. A man put a musket in my hand and told me to keep him [the sheriff]. I took the musket and walked around him. When he went to go  away, I would push him back and if others came to trouble him I would keep them off.
Conversation continued fre[e]ly until 2 o'clock when 21 sat down to dinner. The Governor and Governess in waiting—while thus serving the table—Joseph stated that this was not only a Jubilee but commemoration of his marriage to Emma. Just 15 [16] years this day.
20 [people] sat at the 2d table, 18 at the 3d table including Joseph and Emma—with many jokes. /15 at the 4th table including children
/H[enry] G. Sherwood preached a Methodist Sermon  and received a vote of thanks from the company and he continued to tell story. /Elder Hyde told the Eddy Story/ [rest of page blank] *

-- 1843 January 19
Thursday, January 19th At home through the day except out in the city a little while in the fore noon. [rest of page blank] *

-- Jan 19, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 19th This was also an interesting day in consequence of the return of Orson Pratt to the quorum of the Twelve. He had returned & repented in dust &
ashes, as it were for opposing Joseph & the Twelve &c. We met at Brigham Youngs the first Presidency & the Twelve & conversed over the subject & Orson Pratt desired much to return to the quorum of the Twelve. We had an interesting time together.
We then assembled at the river & Joseph the Seer went into the river from the Ice & Baptized Orson Pratt & his wife & widow Granger. Joseph confirmed them & ordaind Orson Pratt to the Apostle-ship & his former standing which caused Joy to our hearts.
Elder Amasa Lyman who had been appointed in his stead as a member of the quorum of the Twelve was taken in to the first Presidency which left the place again vacant for Orson Pratt. (1)

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