Mormon History, 1842

-- During 1842
Vinson Knight: Married polygamously 1842 in violation of Illinois law (1)

Vinson Knight: Mason 1842, Nauvoo lodge (1)

Vinson Knight: Voluntarily declared bankruptcy 1842 (1)

Wilford Woodruff: Mason 1842, Nauvoo lodge (1)

Willard Richards: Mason 1842, Nauvoo lodge (1)

Willard Richards: Mission 1842 (1)

William Law: Mason 1842, Nauvoo lodge (1)

William Smith: Implicated in stake high council testimony 1842 as John C Bennett 's accomplice in seducing women, no action taken (1)

William Smith: Mason 1842, Nauvoo lodge (1)

William Smith: Unsuccessful candidate for Hancock County school commissioner 1842 (1)

John A. Clark interviewed, said Joseph Smith was known as a "money digger" and was encouraged by his father to use the "seer" stone. Says the father was present at the first attempt to get the gold plates (22-Sep, 1823). (2)

John C. Bennett publishes The History of the Saints or an Expose of Joseph Smith and Mormonism which exposes Mormon practice of polygamy; describes three orders of women: "Cyprian Saints", "Chambered Sisters of Charity", " Cloisterd Saints" or "Consecratees of the Cloister." His book also describes the story of Joseph Smith's advances toward Sarah Pratt, her refusal, and Orson Pratt's confrontation with Smith. (2)

Joseph Smith marries Eliza Roxey Snow (former Campbellite). (2)

Joseph Smith marries Elvira Cowles (2)

Joseph Smith marries Sarah Ann Whitney (daughter of Newel and Elizabeth Ann Whitney) [per Joseph C. Kingsbury and per Helen Mar Kimball]. (2)

Mormon Legion reportedly has 2000 troops. (2)

Relief Society appeals to Governor Carlin for Joseph Smith. (2)

The Illinois legislature considers revoking Nauvoo's charter, but fails to act. Joseph Smith petitions the federal congress to make Nauvoo a territory. His petition is denied. (3)

Joseph Smith - Joseph claims God told him all churches of his day were wrong, all creeds an abomination in his sight and all professors were corrupt. Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith - History 1:18-19 (4)

Joseph Smith - "We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God." Pearl of Great Price, Articles of Faith, 8-9 (5)

To fulfill prophesy, Joseph Smith directs Porter Rockwell to assassinate Gov Lilburn Boggs. Porter misses. Taking a cue from Joseph, ‘bloody’ Brigham Young would later use Porter, Bill Hickman, and others to commit various crimes, including murder, when he felt it necessary. (6)

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