Mormon History, 1842

-- During 1842
George Miller: Mission to pineries in Wisconsin to cut timber for Nauvoo House and Temple 1842-43. (1)

Heber Chase Kimball: Mission in Illinois September-November 1842. Three children: Adelbert Henry, Sarah H. and Heber. (1)

[Homosexuality] John C. Bennett, Assistant Counselor to the First Presidency, is disfellowshipped and later excommunicated for "adultery, fornication, and ... Buggery" (Buggery is a term that was used in the early 19th century to refer to homosexual intercourse). (2)

Isaac Galland: Resided in Keokuk, Iowa, 1842-53. (1)

Isaac Galland: Withdrew from Church activity 1842. (1)

John Cook Bennett: Published The History of the Saints; or, An Expose of Joe Smith and Mormonism (Boston: Leland & Whiting, 1842). Lectured against Church after excommunication. Associated with James J. Strang after Prophets death. (1)

[John Taylor] Appointed by Joseph Smith to edit the Times and Seasons, a Church publication. Also edits the Wasp (1842-43) and then its successor, the Nauvoo Neighbor (1843-45), both Nauvoo newspapers. (3)

[John Taylor] Chosen to be a member of the Nauvoo City Council, a regent of the University of Nauvoo, and Judge-Advocate in the Nauvoo Legion. (3)

The Illinois legislature considers revoking Nauvoo's charter, but fails to act. Joseph Smith petitions the federal congress to make Nauvoo a territory. His petition is denied. (4)

Lyman Eugene Johnson: Located in Iowa by 1842. Practiced law in Davenport and Keokuk. (1)

[Oregon Trail] Dr. Elijah White's party of 200 is known for resulting in many of the guidebooks that would be used by later emigrants. The journals of Medorem Crawford and Asa Lovejoy and the narratives of John C. Fremont contain useful information; the guidebook of Lansford Hastings contains fatal misinformation. White, Crawford, Lovejoy, Fremont, and Hastings would all later find their ways back to the United States and guide other outbound emigrant parties. (5)

[Orin Porter Rockwell] In 1842 Rockwell was accused of the attempted assassination of Boggs, the man who had ordered the expulsion of the Mormons four years earlier. Boggs survived the shooting, and after months in Missouri jails Rockwell was freed when no indictment was brought against him. (6)

[Polygamy] Heber C. Kimball polygamous marriage to Sarah Peak (Noon) (7)

[Polygamy] Reynolds Cahoon polygamous marriage to Lucina Roberts (7)

[Polygamy] Agnes Moulton Coolbrith Jan. 6, age 33, Widow of Smith's brother Don Carlos. (1808 1876) She had been married to Don Carlos Smith, Joseph's younger brother. After Don Carlos died in 1841 , Coolbrith married Joseph in 1842 .^ Coolbrith was the mother of Ina Coolbrith, who became the first poet laureate of California.
Daughter of David Sessions and Patty Bartlett Sessions, who married Joseph Smith one month after her daughter's marriage to him. On her deathbed, Sylvia informed her daughter Josephine Lyons that she was Smith's daughter: (8)

[Polygamy] Eliza Roxcy Snow Jun. 29, age 38, Sister of Lorenzo Snow. Organized a petition in Summer 1842 , with a thousand female signatures, denying Smith a polygamist.^ As Secretary of the Ladies' Relief Society published a certificate in October 1842 denouncing polygamy.^ William Clayton said Smith told him in February 1843 that Snow was one of his plural wives.^ She was married to Brigham Young from 1844 until his death in 1877. (8)

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