Mormon History, Oct 29th 1842

-- Oct 29th 1842
[High Council Minutes]
Council met according to adjournment.
Present William Mark Prest
1. Samuel Bent 7 Shadrick Roundy pro tem
2 James Allred 8 Aaron Johnson
3 L.D. Wilson 9 Newel Knight
4 Alpheus Cutler 10 W. Huntington Sr
5 David Fulmer 11 Leonard Soby
6 G.W. Harris 12 ***************
Samuel Bent having returned home from his mission again took his seat in the Council.
John Hammond made a report of Bishop Evans or the 11th Ward and informed the Council that himself and Elder Phillip Ballard had been made choice of by Bishop Evans for his Councillors which was accepted.
Isaac Higbee Bishop of the 1, 2 & 3 wards made his report which was accepted.
On motion of L.D. Wilson Shadrick Roundy was appointed to fill the vacancy of Thos Grover during his absence on a mission.
John Hammond presented the following petition from a part of the Union Branch or the 11th ward which was voted that it be laid over untill Prest Hirum Smith return home
"October 18th 1842
To the Honorable President Joseph Smith and High Councillors of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the City of Nauvoo We the undersigned subscribers, members of the aforesaid Church belonging to the Union branch at golden's point, do petition your most honorable body, with President Smith also, to grant unto us the priveledge of organizing a new, or in other words, set us off into a new branch, including all who live in the following boundry, to wit; Beginning at the Mississippi river so as to include J. Manfest's Br Luce and running East so as to include J. Manfest's place, continuing Easterly so as to include John Egbert and Joseph Curtis, thence South 4 miles thence West to the Mississippi so as to include the brethren at Montabello thence North to the beginning.
We the undersigned petitioners, praying for favor of the most Honorable and dignified High Councillors at Nauvoo, do hereby certify that this arrangement would be greatly to our advantage & convenience, wherefore, we subscribe ourselves you humble petitioners and obedient servants.
We forward our petition by one of Bishop Evans' Councillors, John Hammond"
A large number of Brothers and Sisters had signed the above petition
Adjourned as usual
H. Stout Clerk (1)

-- Oct 30, 1842
[Nauvoo] The first official meeting is held in the unfinished temple. (2)

[Wilford Woodruff] 30th For the first time the Saints of God had the privilege of meeting in the Temple of the Lord in Nauvoo. A temporary floor was laid within the unfinished walls & seats prepared which would seat about 3,000 persons & the room was crouded & the walls cove[red?]. Joseph the Seer had returned to the City of Nauvoo & was expected to preach to the people but ill health & other things prevented. (3)

-- Oct 31, 1842
[Wilford Woodruff] Oct 31 I attended City Council at night. Spent the day in the printing Office.
Nov 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 I spent the time in the printing Office. Days & evenings I spent at Elder Wm. Claytons drawing off the Times & Seasons Mail Book.
Elder Wilard Richards returned from the east with his family to Nauvoo on Sunday oct 30. He came to My house Monday night. Was taken at 2 oclock with the cholera Morbus & was exceding sick. I was with him for several hours. He was low for several days.
On Tuesday morning our son Wilford was taken vary sick with the croup & it seemed as though he would die for a little time & was sick for Several days & then recoverd. The Twelve returned home on friday. (3)

-- During 1842 10-29 Aug.
Joseph Smith goes into hiding to avoid a second arrest. (4)

-- During 1842 Fall
[Lucy Mack Smith] Emma and children ill. Emma nearly dies. (5)

-- During fall of 1842
George Albert Smith: Served mission in Illinois in fall of 1842. (6)

Samuel Harrison Smith: Moved to Plymouth, Illinois, in fall of 1842. (6)

-- Nov 1, 1842
George Miller: Left Nauvoo about 1 November 1842. (6)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith, three of his children, and William Clayton were miraculously preserved after being thrown from their carriage, which overturned on their way to Joseph's farm. (7)

-- Nov 2, 1842
[Lucy Mack Smith] The Mansion House is sufficiently finished that Joseph can transfer his office into it from the red brick store. (8)

-- Nov 4, 1842
William Law: Returned to Nauvoo 4 November 1842. Owned steam-operated grain and saw mill in Nauvoo. Owned town lots in Nauvoo and sold merchandise. (6)

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