Mormon History, June 1842

-- During June 1842
John C Bennett: Excommunicated 18 June 1842 (1)

[Heber C. Kimball] Strange Events, June 1842. I was aniciated [initiated] into the ancient order was washed and annointed and Sealled and ordained a Preast, and so forth in company with nine others, Viz. Josph Smith, Hiram Smith, Wm. Law, Wm. Marks, Judge [James] Adams, Brigham Young, Willard Richrds, George Miller, N. K. Whitney. (2)

John Cook Bennett: Left Nauvoo by June 1842. (3)

-- ca. June 1842
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph and Emma set out with their family to visit Emma's sister, Elizabeth Hale Wasson, at Inlet Grove near Amboy, Illinois. They return home before reaching Amboy because Frederick breaks his leg. (4)

-- Jul 1, 1842
Willard Richards: Left Nauvoo 1 July 1842. (3)

-- Jul 02, 1842
[Polygamy] to 02 Jul 1842 Church newspaper publishes phrenoloy chart of Smith, described as 'passionately fond of the company of the other sex. ' . The church newspaper The Wasp publishes a phrenology chart of Smith's head and personality. The first trait is "Amativeness-11, L[arge]. Extreme susceptibility; passionately fond of the company of the other sex." The official History of the Church still publishes this chart, along with the caution that such a high score indicates "extreme liability to perversion" in the trait. SOURCE: Joseph Smith, History of the Church, Vol. 5, p.53 PLACE: Nauvoo, IL (5)

-- 3Jul42
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Stone Cut Out Without Hands is Church (6)

-- Jul 3, 1842 (Sunday Morning)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Location: Grove, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, USA
Source: The Wasp (9 July 1842) (Words of Joseph Smith, 125-26)
Joseph Smith delivered one of his interesting and sublime discourses. The congregation, which listened with almost breathless attention, was very large, numbering probably 8 or 10,000. The subject matter was drawn from the prophecies of Daniel which foretold that the God of heaven would set up a kingdom in the last days, &c. It was so satisfactorily done, that it was a pity that the world of great men, sectarians and all, could not have been present, to take a few lessons of common sense from Jo's mouth, (as Bennett of the [New York] Herald would say) that they might come to understanding and save themselves, as well as talk about saving the heathen. (7)

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