Mormon History, Aug 2, 1842

-- Aug 2, 1842
Illinois governor Thomas Carlin, signs an order for Joseph Smith's arrest and delivery to Missouri officials to answer charges in the case of the attempted assassination of Missouri Governor Boggs. (1)

[Wilford Woodruff] 2d Start well in the morning. The Musketoes have spotted up my face in a dredful manner. After running aground twice we pased Alton & the mouth of the Missouri River & arived in St Louis at 12 oclock AM. We stoped at the American House. After Dining one of my busy scenes commenced notwithstand[ing] my ill state of health with the fever raging upon me I had much to do & but 24 hours to accomplish it in. I bought my stock of paper & other articles & walked till 10 oclock at night. Was tired out. Returned to the tavern & went to bed sick with severe pain in the head. I did not get sleep untill 2 oclock. (2)

-- Aug 3, 1842
[Wilford Woodruff] 3d Was awoke in the morning by bleeding at the nose. Bled 1 pint. Felt vary weak. Much paine in the head. Not seen a well day since I left home. Commenced business before breakfast. Continued at it untill 2 oclock. Got all goods & things on board the steem boat Rapids & Bills of Fraite made out. Got dinner. Went to bed tired & Sick enough. Left St Louis at 6 oclock PM. (2)

-- Aug 4, 1842
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith and 15 other brethren practiced fencing with Colonel Brewer. (3)

[Nauvoo] The first rafts carrying high-quality wood from Church-operated sawmills in the Black River area of Wisconsin arrive for the temple project. (4)

[Wilford Woodruff] 4th Traveld well through the day. Run on to some sand Bars. Had to get a lighter & light of from one of them. I continued to suffered much with pain in the head & canker in the mouth. I killed the Canker by chewing a piece of tobaco. (2)

-- Aug 5, 1842
[Wilford Woodruff] 5th Friday Nose bled considerable in the morning. We sail well. Passed Marion city, do Quincy at 2 oclock. Arived at Keokirk in the night. (2)

-- Aug 06, 1842
Joseph Smith prophesies that the Saints would later flee to the Rocky Mountains and there become a mighty people. (5)

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