Mormon History, July 1842

-- During July 1842
Orson Pratt: Voted against resolution 22 July 1842 that Joseph Smith Jr. was "good, moral, virtuous, peaceable and patriotic" (1)

Orson Pratt: Wrote suicide note 14 July 1842 when wife said Joseph Smith Jr. tried to seduce her and Joseph Smith Jr. said she was John C Bennett 's mistress (1)

Vinson Knight Death: 31 July 1842, Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois , Estate: No record (1)

George Miller: Returned the last week in July 1842. (2)

-- During Summer, 1842
[Joseph Smith] Rumors of polygamy circulating. Sealed polygynously to Martha McBride. (3)

-- Aug 1, 1842
Apostle Parley P. Pratt publishes a rebuttal to John C. Bennett's claims that Joseph is secretly teaching polygamy: "But for the information of those who may be assailed by those foolish tales about the two wives [Bennett had written "that God had given a revelation that men might have two wives"], we would say that no such principle ever existed among the Latter-day Saints, and never will." Pratt's autobiography later states that Joseph Smith disclosed to him the revelation on celestial marriage in Jan 1840. (4)

[Wilford Woodruff] Aug 1st An exceding Cold day & night & morning. As for myself I am in almost evry kind of trouble. A severe cold has settelled throughout my body. I have the Rheumatism, teeth ake, head ake, bones ake, have got the musketoe fever, Bilious fever, & sick Stomack, & am fearful that if we run on to many more Sand bars & am many more weeks getting to St Louis & if the Musketoes do not favor me more than they have done, that it will be a question whether I ever reach home or not. But I hope for the best.
H[ ]. We have run smash into another sand bank. We have not gone more than 3 miles since we left the other that we was on the whole day.
This is election day in Illinois Nauvoo &c. I wish I was there but here I am fast on a sand bar & like to be. We are both out of provisions & wood. I think sumthing will be done for the hands have gon on to the Island cutting wood.
Got a lighter & took of some of the led. We then got off the bar & soon got on another. Soon got of & sailed 3 miles up the river & down again in another Channel. Then tied up to a wood pile &spent the night. (5)

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