Mormon History, Aug 25, 1842

-- Aug 25, 1842
Joseph Smith publicly admonishes the Twelve and others to "support the character of the Prophet, the Lord's anointed." He lashes out at "O[rson] Pratt and others of the same class [who] caused trouble by telling stories to people who would betray me, and they must believe these stories because his Wife told him so! And as to all that Orson Pratt, Sidney Rigdon, or George W. Robinson can do to prevent me, I can kick them off my heels, as many as you can name." (1)

-- Aug 26, 1842
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith had a meeting with the Twelve in which he stressed the importance of continued missionary work, despite the persecutions against the Church. (2)

-- Aug 27, 1842
LDS newspaper THE WASP denounces "John C. Bennett, the pimp and file leader of such mean harlots as Martha H. Brotherton and her predecessors from old Jezebel." Brotherton had gone public about being approached regarding polygamy. This is part of a pattern, extending to Nancy Rigdon and Sarah Pratt, to attack the moral character of women who have publicly told of being approached regarding the still-secret practice of polygamy. (1)

Emma Smith writes to Governor Carlin. (3)

-- Aug 27, 1842 (Saturday Evening)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Location: Old Homestead, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, USA
Source: Eliza R. Snow Journal (Words of Joseph Smith, 127)
Pres. S. was at home and met in the large drawing room with a respectable number of those considered trustworthyâ€"counsel'd them to go out forthwith to proclaim the principles of truth. (4)

-- August 27th 1842
[High Council Minutes]
Council met according to adjournment. Adjourned till 3rd of Sept next at 4 o'clock at this place
H. Stout Clerk (5)

-- 29Aug42
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Joseph Returns from Hiding
Orson Pratt Believes His Wife Before Joseph
Endowment to Come - Nauvoo Charter - Increase Membership to Protect Church
Character Missionaries for the Prophet (6)

-- Aug 29, 1842
Sidney Rigdon: Publicly condemned 29 Aug. 1842 by Joseph Smith Jr. who authorized publication Aug. 31 of affidavit that Sidney Rigdon 'S daughter had "illicit intercourse" with John C Bennett (7)

Nauvoo resident, Mary Clift, testifies to the Nauvoo High Council that she is pregnant with Gustavius Hills's child. She says he told her that "the heads of the Church practiced such conduct & that the time would come when men would have more wives than one." Hills is excommunicated. (1)

Joseph Smith comes out of hiding and attends a special conference: asks for support sent from the 12 Apostles and for those like Orson Pratt, Sidney Rigdon, and George W. Robinson who would prevent him, he can kick them off his heels. He also says that Orson Pratt attempted to destroy himself. [per Joseph Smith]. (3)

Having been in hiding since August 8 (after being falsely accused of the attempted assassination of ex-Governor Lilburn W. Boggs), Joseph Smith makes a surprise appearance at a meeting of the Saints in the grove in Nauvoo, Illinois. (8)

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