Mormon History, Aug 20, 1842

-- Aug 20, 1842
John C. Bennett declared unworthy to be chancellor of the university. (1)

Orson Pratt cut off; Amasa Lyman ordained to replace him in the 12, per Joseph Smith's direction [per Brigham Young].. (1)

Elder Orson Pratt is excommunicated for refusing to accept the doctrine of plural marriage. (2)

Amasa M. Lyman is ordained an Apostle, replacing Orson Pratt, who had been excommunicated (Orson returns to the Church and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles a year later). (3)

[Joseph SMith] Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith had a meeting with his brother Hyrum Smith and four others in which they discussed the illegal proceedings of their prosecutors. (4)

[Quorum of the Twelve] Orson Pratt excommunicated. Amasa M. Lyman ordained. (5)

-- August 20th 1842
[High Council Minutes]
Council met according to adjournment.
John Hodson appeared before the Council and made satisfaction according to the decision of the Council and was restored to full fellowship in the Church
2 Resolved that the City of Nauvoo be divided into ten wards, according to the division made by the "Temple Committee" and that there be a Bishop appointed over each ward, and, also that these Bishops be appointed over such districts immediately out of the City and adjoining thereto as shall be considered necessary.
3rd Resolved that Samuel H. Smith be appointed Bishop in the place of Bishop Vinson Knight dec
also that Tariton Lewis be appointed Bishop of the 4th ward
John Murdock of the 5th ward
Daniel Carn of the 6th ward
Jacob Foutz of the 8th ward
Jonathan H Hale of the 9th ward
Hezekiah Peck of the 11th ward
David Evans of the destrict south of the City called the 11th ward
Israel Calkins of the district East of the City and South of Knight Street
Adjourned till tomorrow at 4 o'clock at this place
Hosea Stout Clk (6)

-- Aug 21, 1842
Orson Pratt: "signified his intention of coming out in defense of the truth and go to preaching" 21 Aug. 1842 (7)

-- August the 21st 1842
[High Council Minutes]
Council met according to adjournment.
1. President Hyrum Smith informed the Council that Samuel H. Smith could not take upon him the office of Bishop as appointed on the 20th inst
2. Tarlton Lewis, John Murdock, Jacob Foutz, Johnathan H Hale Hezekiah Peck, David Evans, and Israel Calkins were ordined to the office of Bishop according to their several appointments who all accepted of their offices.
Adjourned till next satterday at 4 o'clock at this place
Hosea Stout Ck (6)

-- Aug 22, 1842
Three Apostles excommunicate Orson Pratt and ordain his replacement in the Quorum of the Twelve. (8)

-- Aug 23, 1842
Lucy Hannah White (Flake), later an important Arizona pioneer and diarist, is born in Knox County, Illinois. (3)

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