Mormon History, Jul 21, 1842

-- Jul 21, 1842
Wilford Woodruff writes: "There was a Counsel of the Twelve held for four days with Elder Orson Pratt to labour with him to get him to recall his sayings against Joseph & The Twelve but he persisted in his wicked course & would not recall any of his sayings which were made in public against Joseph & others sayings which were unjust & untrue. The Twelve then rejected him as a member of their quorum & he was cut off from the Church." (1)

-- 22Jul42
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Prophet's Practice of Polygamy and Bennett Causes Him Difficulties
Orson Pratt Votes Against Joseph (2)

-- Jul 22, 1842
Orson Pratt votes against a public resolution in defense of Joseph Smith's virtuous conduct. George W. Robinson, a prominent Nauvoo citizen and brother-in-law of Nancy Rigdon, writes to James A. Bennett, a New York friend to the church, that "Smith sent for Miss Rigdon to come to the house of Mrs. [Orson] Hyde, who lived in the under rooms of the printing-office." According to Robinson, Nancy "inquired of the messenger . . . what was wanting, and the only reply was, that Smith wanted to see her." Robinson says that Smith took her into a room, "locked the door, and then stated to her that he had had an affection for her for several years, and wished that she should be his; that the Lord was well pleased with this matter, for he had got a revelation on the subject, and God had given him all the blessings of Jacob, &c., &c. and that there was no sin in it whatever." Robinson states that Nancy "repulsed him and was about to raise the neighbors if he did not unlock the door and le
t her out." (1)

Orson Pratt votes against defense of Smith virtuous conduct. Pratt votes against a public resolution in defense of Smith's virtuous conduct. SOURCE: Richard S. Van Wagoner, Mormon Polygamy, p.33 PLACE: Nauvoo, IL (3)

-- Jul 22, 1842 (Friday Morning)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Location: Meeting Ground, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, USA
Source: Times and Seasons (1 August 1842): 869 (Words of Joseph Smith, 126-27)
The meeting was called to order by the chairman [Orson Spencer], who stated the object of the meeting to be to obtain an expression of the public mind in reference to the reports gone abroad, calumniating the character of Pres. Joseph Smith. Gen. Wilson Law then rose and presented the following resolution.
Resolvedâ€"That, having heard that John C. Bennett was circulating many base falsehoods respecting a number of the citizens of Nauvoo, and especially against our worthy and respected Mayor, Joseph Smith, we do hereby manifest to the world that so far as we know him to be a good, moral, virtuous, peaceable and patriotic man, and a firm supporter of law, justice and equal rights; that he at all times upholds and keeps inviolate the constitution of this State and of the United States.
A vote was then called and the resolution adopted by a large concourse of citizens, numbering somewhere about a thousand men. Two or three, voted in the negative.
Elder Orson Pratt then rose and spoke at some length in explanation of his negative vote. Pres. Joseph Smith spoke in replyâ€" (4)

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