Mormon History, Oct 30, 1841

-- Oct 30, 1841
Richards, Willard: Elected member of Nauvoo City Council 30 October 1841. (1)

-- During Oct 1841
[Black History] In a discourse on fault-finding among the brethren, Smith tangentially comments upon the curse Noah laid upon Ham, and states that the curse remains upon the posterity of Canaan until the present day. "I referred to the curse of Ham for laughing at Noah, while in his wine, but doing no harm. Noah was a righteous man, and yet he drank wine and became intoxicated; the Lord did not forsake him in consequence thereof, for he retained all the power of his priesthood, and when he was accused by Canaan, he cursed him by the priesthood which he held, and the Lord had respect to his word, and the priesthood which he held, notwithstanding he was drunk, and the curse remains upon the posterity of Canaan until the present day" (History of the Church, 4:446). (2)

-- During fall of 1841
Wight, Lyman: Moved family to Nauvoo in fall of 1841. (1)

-- Nov 1, 1841
Notice in "Times and Seasons:" "The brethren are hereby notified that our well-beloved brother, Hyrum Smith, patriarch of the church, has erected a comfortable office opposite his dwelling-house, where himself, together with his scribe and recorder, James Sloan, will attend regularly every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, during the entire day, or upon any other day if urgent circumstances require it, to perform the duties of his high and holy calling. A copy of the blessings can be received immediately after being pronounced, so that the brethren who live at a distance can have it to take with them." (3)

-- 7Nov41
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Forgive One Another to be Forgiven (4)

-- Nov 07, 1841
[Polygamy] Smith preaches that what people call sin is not sin. Smith preaches: "If you do not accuse each other, God will not accuse you. If you have no accuser you will enter heaven, and if you will follow the revelations and instructions which God gives you through me, I will take you into heaven as my back load. If you will not accuse me, I will not accuse you. If you will throw a cloak of charity over my sins, I will over yoursfor charity covereth a multitude of sins. What many people call sin is not sin; I do many things to break down superstition, and I will break it down;" SOURCE: Joseph Smith, History of the Church, Vol. 4, p.445 PLACE: Nauvoo, IL (5)

-- Nov 7, 1841
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith spoke to the Saints about the danger of accusing and pointing out the sins of others. (6)

-- Nov 8, 1841
The Baptismal Font in the Nauvoo Temple was dedicated. (7)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith attended the dedication of the baptismal font built in the cellar floor of the Nauvoo Temple. (6)

[Joseph Smith] The first temple baptismal font is dedicated. The first ordinance is a baptism for the dead, with Young as officiator and Reuben McBride as proxy. The second ordinance is a baptism for health which heals Samuel Rolfe within the week. Four temples would eventually perform 22,403 baptisms for health from 1877 through 1893. (8)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Dedication of baptismal font in Nauvoo Temple. (9)

[Nauvoo] Temporary baptismal font in the basement of the temple is dedicated. On Nov. 21 ordinance work began and 40 people were baptized for their kindred dead. (10)

-- Nov 14, 1841
A collection of Shaker revelations includes "I will anoint them priests and kings"... "The children of the Church of Christ are ... the children of the New Jerusalem, and they are numbered, and their names are written in the Book of Life." ... "I was an angel of Wisdom's delight long ere this earth was formed, or dust was fashioned into man. Many worlds before this I have seen; some bright, and some dark, and some that were empty and void ..." [The Youth's Guide in Zion, and Holy Mother's Promises] (11)

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