Mormon History, 21Mar41

-- 21Mar41
[Joseph Smith Sermon] John the Legitimate Holder of Keys
Jesus' Baptism
Zacharias' Prayer
Detecting Spirits - Angels
John the Baptist
Sons of Levi
Restoration of Israel - Those Among Gentiles
Joseph to be Vindicated - Saints to be Scattered (1)

-- about Mar 26, 1841
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 125, a revelation concerning the Saints gathering in Iowa. (2)

-- Mar 27, 1841
The High Council in Hanley, England considers "the case of a Brother Mumford who was ingaged in the Magic or Blackart fortune telling &c which prevails to a great extent in this Country. But as he persisted in his course after being laboured with the Council withdrew fellowship form him. He was holding the office of a Priest . . ." (3)

-- 28Mar41
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Hardship not Evidence of Wickedness
Spirit of Man Eternal - Meaning of Abr. 3:22
More Powerful Spirits Overcome Lesser
Why Devil Wanted to Go into Swine - Matt. 8 (1)

-- 30Mar41
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Law of Consecration not Possible at Present
John orrects John 16:8
Other Comforter (1)

-- During Mar 0, 1841
James Foster: The Nauvoo High Council voted 30 Mar. 1841 that he be dropped from office, but he successfully defended himself at the general conference 8 Apr., and continued in his position (4)

-- Spring 1841
The Anti-Mormon party is organized in Warsaw by Thomas Sharp to check the Mormon growth and influnce in Hancock County. (5)

-- Apr 3, 1841
Charles Anthon writes, "Many years ago,-the precise date I do not now recollect,-a plain-looking countryman called upon me with a letter from Dr. Samuel L. Mitchell, requesting me to examine, and give my opinion upon a certain paper, marked with various characters, which the doctor confessed he could not decipher, and which the bearer of the note was very anxious to have explained. A very brief examination of the paper, convinced me that it was a mere hoax, and a very clumsy one too. The characters were arranged in columns, like the Chinese mode of writing, and presented the most singular medley that I ever beheld. Greek, Hebrew and all sorts of letters, more or less distorted, either through unskilfulness or from actual design, were intermingled with sundry delineations of half moons, stars, and other natural objects, and the whole ended in a rude representation of the Mexican zodiac. The conclusion was irresistible, that some cunning fellow had prepared the paper in questio
n for the purpose of imposing upon the countryman who brought it, and I told the man so without any hesitation. He then proceeded to give me the history of the whole affair, which convinced me that he had fallen into the hands of some sharper, while it left me in great astonishment at his simplicity." (3)

-- Apr 05, 1841
[Polygamy] to 27 Jun 1844 Marriage - Joseph to Louisa Beaman, age 26 ,. Elder Joseph B. Noble officiating SOURCE: Noble affidavit, in B. H. Roberts, A Comprehensive History of the Church (Salt Lake City: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1930), 2:102; Erastus Snow affidavit, in Historical Record 6:232, 233; speech by Joseph Noble, 19 Dec. 1880, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia. Elder Jenson, Andrew. 1951 Volume: 1 Page: 697 Marriages in Nauvoo Region 1839-45. Easton, S. Civil Marriages in Nauvoo 1839-45. Cook, Lyndon Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register 1845-46 Mormon Manuscripts to 1846. (6)

-- Apr 5, 1841
Joseph Smith's first fully dated plural marriage is solemnized to Louisa Beaman. The ceremony is performed by Louisa's brother-in-law Joseph Bates Noble "in a grove Near Main Street in the City of Nauvoo, The Prophet Joseph dictating the ceremony and Br Nobles repeating it after him." Noble later recalled that after the ceremony, the couple spent their wedding night, "Right straight across the river at my house". Noble said he encouraged them to, "Blow out the lights and get into bed, and you will be safer there". John C. Bennett knew the details of this marriage. (3)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Louisa Beaman becomes Joseph Jr.'s first acknowledged plural wife. (Joseph may have married Fanny Alger in 1833 and Lucinda Pendleton Morgan Harris in 1838.) (7)

[Polygamy] Joseph Smith marries Louisa Beaman
In Illinois, Joseph marries Louisa Beaman, his second or third wife ( depending upon how one counts Fanny Alger ). Note that it is likely that he had married others of his plural wives before Beaman, but no positive dates exist for possible earlier marriages ( Compton, Sacred, and Quinn Origins p 632 ). An 1833 Illinois state law provided a two year imprisonment and a $1000 fine for the married man who married a second wife, and one year imprisonment and $500 fine for the unmarried women who knowingly entered into a marriage with an already married man. Illinois statues defined the resulting sexual cohabitation as a continuing offense with six months in prison and $200 fine, with the next continuing offense at twice that punishment, the third offense at three times that punishment, etc. ( Revised Laws of Illinois pp 198 199 ) (8)

-- 6-Apr 9, 1841
Hyrum Smith appointed Prophet, Seer, and Revelator, as revealed on 19 Jan, 1841. (5)

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