Mormon History, Aug 16, 1841

-- Aug 16, 1841
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith was absent from the morning session of a special conference of the Church on account of the death of his son Don Carlos. (1)

Richards, Willard: Arrived in Nauvoo 16 August 1841. (2)

-- Aug 20, 1841
Snow, Erastus: Left for Salem 20 August 1841. (2)

-- 22Aug41
[Joseph Smith Sermon] I preached at the Stand on Wars & desolations that await the nations. (3)

-- Aug 25, 1841
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith responded to a letter from Horace R. Hotchkiss regarding the purchase of the land that Joseph called a deathly sickly hole. (1)

-- Aug 27, 1841
Robert Blashel Thompson (Joseph Smith's secretary), was an associate editor of the Times and Seasons in Nauvoo. From May to August 1841 he worked there with Don Carlos Smith. On 16 August 1841, at the age of 29, he was seized with the same disease that had stricken Don Carlos Smith, and died 9 days later. William Law later said he died under 'suspicious circumstances:' "I know that several men, six or seven, died under very suspicious circumstances. Among them were two secretaries of the prophet, Mulholland and Blaskel Thompson. I saw Mulholland die and the symptoms looked very suspicious to me. Dr. Foster, who was a very good physician, believed firmly that those six or seven men had been poisoned, and told me so repeatedly." Thompson and his future wife, Mercy Rachel Fielding, were baptized by Parley P. Pratt on May 21, 1836. She married Thompson June 4, 1837. The couple came to Quincy, Ill., in the spring of 1839 where Robert was temporarily employed as a writer for the "Q
uincy Argus." They were among the earliest settlers at Commerce, where Robert became a scribe/secretary for Joseph Smith and a "recorder" (or historian) for the Church. (4)

Robert B. Thompson dies (Joseph Smith's secretary). (5)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smiths clerk Robert B. Thompson died and was later replaced by William W. Phelps. (1)

-- Aug 31, 1841
[Black History] Elder J. T. Ball called on mission to So. America, (6)

Quorum of Twelve votes "unanimously, that we for ourselves, and the Church we represent, approve of the proceedings of President Smith, so far as he has gone, in making over certain properties to his wife, children, and friends for their support, and that he continue to deed and make over certain portions of Church property which now exist, or which may be obtained by exchange, as in his wisdom he shall judge expedient, till his own, and his father's household, shall have an inheritance secured to them in our midst" (7)

-- During August 1841
[Nauvoo] The 10 districts created earlier in the city to supply workers for the temple were organized into ecclesiastical wards, presided over by bishops, whose main responsibility was welfare. (8)

Pratt, Orson: Given responsibility for English literature and mathematics at University of Nauvoo August 1841. (2)

-- Sep 3, 1841
Snow, Erastus: Arrived 3 September 1841. (2)

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