Mormon History, May 6, 1841

-- May 6, 1841
Bennett, John Cook: ) Appointed master in chancery for Hancock County, Illinois, by Stephen A. Douglas 6 May 1841. Interested in tomato for medicinal use. (1)

-- 9May41
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Clayton JournalNeibaur Journal Joseph preached on his side [of the river-Clayton lived on the Iowa side] on baptism for the dead .
Fine day. Elder Joseph Smith preached from 9th Romans on the principles of Election. (2)

-- May 14, 1841
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith received an agreement from Ebenezer F. Wiggins. (3)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Martha Ann Smith, second child and first daughter of Mary Fielding Smith and Hyrum Smith, is born at Nauvoo; she is Hyrum's eighth child. (4)

-- 16May41
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Man Free to Choose - Devil Cannot Compel
Resisting God Leads to Temptation - God Will not Compel
God - Man - Devil Independent
Man Can Resist Devil
All Subject to Vanity but Christ
First Principles - Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of Holy Ghost, Resurrection, Judgement
Eternal Judgement
Murder not Forgiven in this Life
Doctrine of Election - Temporal and Spiritual
Priesthood Restored to Make Saviors on Mt. Zion
Election (Abr. 2) (2)

-- May 19, 1841
The WARSAW SIGNAL editorializes: "We believe they [Mormons] have the same rights as other religious bodies posses. . . But whenever they, as a people, step beyond the proper sphere of a religious denomination, and become a political body, as many of our citizens are beginning to apprehend will be the case, then this press stands pledged to take a stand against th. . . It is bound to oppose the concentration of political power in a religious body, or in the hands of a few individuals." (5)

-- May 20, 1841
[Wilford Woodruff] Arrives in New York (6)

-- May 23, 1841
Phelps, William Wines: Appointed to preach in Ohio and East 23 May 1841. (1)

-- May 24, 1841
Joseph Smith writes "To the Saints abroad-The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, anxious to promote the prosperity of said Church, feel it their duty to call upon the Saints who reside out of this county [Hancock], to make preparations to come in without delay. . . .Let it, therefore, be understood, that all the stakes, excepting those in this county, and in Lee county, Iowa, are discontinued, and the Saints instructed to settle in this county as soon as circumstances will permit. [signed] JOSEPH SMITH, President. (5)

-- May 25, 1841
Lieutenant General Joseph Smith issues General Orders for the Nauvoo Legion: "The 1st Company, (riflemen) 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 2nd Cohort, will be attached to the escort contemplated in the general orders of the 4th inst., for the 3rd of Jul next. In forming the Legion, the Adjutant will observe the rank of companies as follows; to wit: 1st Cohort the flying artillery first, the lancers next, and the riflemen next -- visiting companies of dragoons next the lancers, and cavalry next the dragoons: 2nd Cohort -- the artillery first, the lancers next, the riflemen next, the light-infantry next, and the infantry next -- visiting companies in their appropriate places on the right of said troops of their own grade: the ranking company of the 1st Cohort will be formed on the right of said cohort, and the ranking company of the 2nd Cohort will be formed on the left of said cohort, -- he escort will be formed on the right of the forces." (5)

-- May 26, 1841
Joseph Smith writes to Thomas Sharp, editor of the WARSAW SIGNAL: "SIR-You will discontinue my paper-its contents are calculated to pollute me, and to patronize the filthy sheet-that tissue of lies-that sink of iniquity-is disgraceful to any moral man. Yours, with utter contempt, JOSEPH SMITH. P.S. Please publish the above in your contemptible paper." Sharp publishes Smith's letter with the introduction: "In our paper of week before last, we took occasion to express an honest opinion in relation to the Mormons, and some of their leaders -an opinion which we believe is concurred in by nine-tenths of the community. No sooner, however, had our paper reached Nauvoo, than it caused the following highly important revelation to be forwarded us, from his holiness, the Prophet." This is Sharps first published sarcasm towards the Mormons but from now on he refers to Smith as "His Holiness." (5)

-- 30May41
[Joseph Smith Sermon] J. Smith preached from the last 2 Ch Cronicls. (2)

-- During May 1841
Phelps, William Wines: Moved to Kirtland by May 1841; there began to strengthen Church. (1)

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