Mormon History, 1841

-- During 1841
Sidney Rigdon: Nauvoo City Council (1841) (1)

Sidney Rigdon: Replaced again as spokesman by John C Bennett 1841 (1)

William Law: High priest 1841 (1)

William Smith: Mission 1841 (1)

Joseph Smith marries Louisa Beaman (26). (2)

[Hosea Stout] In 1841 Louisa gave birth to a daughter, Lydia Sarah, who was first of Hosea's nineteen children. (3)

[John Taylor] Returns to the United States with several of the other Apostles. (4)

Lyman, Amasa Mason: Moved to Nauvoo, Illinois, 1841. (5)

Miller, George: Mission to Kentucky to gather monies for construction of Nauvoo House and Temple 1841-42. (5)

Murdock, John: Settled near Lima, Illinois; resided until 1841. (5)

[OREGON TRAIL] For twenty five years, as many as 650,000 people may have pulled up stakes and headed for the farms and gold fields of the West. No accurate records exist of traffic on the great overland trails of that era, and some believe the figure may have been as low as 250,000 people. However, estimates have been slowly creeping upwards over the years, and it now seems that something like half a million people headed west from the 1840s through the Civil War. It is generally agreed that Oregon was the destination for about a third of the emigrants, California for another third, and the remainder were bound for Utah, Colorado, and Montana. This was the last of the so-called Great Migrations. It lasted until the coming of the railroads. (6)

[OREGON TRAIL] The first emigrant party, the Bidwell-Bartleson party, heads for California with 100 farmers and their families. En route, some of them change their minds and opt for Oregon, instead. (6)

He is best remembered for his solo mission to Jerusalem in 1841, where he dedicated the land of Palestine for the return of the Jews. This was the longest and perhaps the most dangerous mission performed by an early church elder. There is a popular myth that Orson Hyde was of Jewish ancestry, but careful investigation has uncovered no evidence this is true. (7)

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