Mormon History, 1841

-- During 1841
[Periodicals] Gospel Reflector, The; Benjamin Winchester Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Periodical) (1)

Phelps, William Wines: Assisted Prophet as clerk, scribe, and confidant in wide range of activities 1841-44. (2)

Phelps, William Wines: Elected to Legislative Assembly of Territory of Utah 1841-57. (2)

Phelps, William Wines: Located in Nauvoo 1841. (2)

[Polygamy] Louisa Beaman Apr. 5, age 26, (February 7, 1815 - May 16, 1850) . Though Mormon history and press indicate Beaman was not baptized until May 11, 1843 , she had migrated with Mormons to Nauvoo in 1839 or 1840 . Beaman would go on to become the ninth wife of Brigham Young and had five children with Young that all predeceased her death at age 35. Listed as a Smith plural wife by Joseph F. Smith, who noted 1869 affidavit of Beaman's brother-in-law Joseph B. Noble stating he officiated at the wedding, and in John C. Bennett's 1842 anti-Mormon exposé. William Clayton said Smith told him in February 1843 that Beaman was one of his plural wives, which if true would have been prior to her baptism. (3)

Pratt, Orson: Returned to Nauvoo mid-July 1841. (2)

Richards, Willard: Located in Warsaw, Illinois, 1841. (2)

Smith, Samuel Harrison: Served mission in Scott County, Illinois, 1841. Three children: Levira Annette Clark, Louisa Clark, and Lucy Jane Clark. (2)

Smith, William B: Returned to Illinois by late 1841. (2)

[West] First of many organized groups of American settlers arrived in California. (4)

[Willard Richards] In 1841 Joseph Smith asked Willard to be his private secretary. In this capacity, he recorded much of the Mormon prophet's activities. He was with Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, and John Taylor in Carthage jail when Hyrum and Joseph were murdered. He supervised the removal of their bodies and gave counsel to the church during that troubled time. (5)

William Clayton Joins Nauvoo Riflemen (6)

-- During 1841, 1842
Amasa M Lyman: Missions (1841, 1842) (7)

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