Mormon History, Jan 9, 1849

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 9th I recieved 3 Letters from O. Spencer Dan Jones & W. I. Appleby And one from Robert Wind-ley. All contained good news. Capt Dan Jones expresses his feelings in warm terms concerning letters to him And says he feels incouraged to go ahead in the name of the Lord. Says he has raised up a Branch at Myrtha the Mother Branch of Britain. Over 800 members, And the sum total He had raised up in that Country was represented at the general conference of Manchester England Aug 14th 1848 amounting to 2,747 member. The whole representation at this general conference of England Scotland & wales was 17,902 members 350 branches, 929 Elders 1,185 Priest, 608 Teachers 341 Deacons Added since May 31, 1846, 8,467. Elder Orson Pratt is now President of the Churches in the British Isles And herd the Above representation. Elder Jones Adds I have published in the welch language 48 different kinds And size of Pamphlets comprising more original matter than the Book of Mormon Doctrins & Covenants & voice of warning And have circulated one million Eight hundred thousand of Pages all of which preach night And Day to rich & Poor the Eternal truths of Mormonism And cheer the Honest Harted. Many learned And some vary noted men have Embraced the work.
I have been Enabled to subdue my foes Many of the gifts of the spirit are manifest. One young man who had been Deef & Dumb 8 years was healed when coming up out of the waters of Baptism so he both herd and spake. Was ordained to the Priesthood And is now preaching the gospel with success. Capt Jones is Adding 150 per month.
Elder Spencer writes many good things. His is much better. Says the work is rolling forth in much Power. I have been of late stiring up the saints to Pay their tithing. I have visited many of the conferences for this purpose. I feel incouraged to Believe I shall gather A good sum for the Temple. Their Are 4 persons expecting to come in Possession of large sums of money before I go to America. From them I expect to get several thousand pounds As tithing to gladden the hearts of the saints in the valley.
The Addition to the Churches continue to be great. The Emigration falls much short of the increase. Their may be 1,500 saints Emigrate this season but what is that Among so many? O Pratt thinks it would take 300 ships to carry the british saints at the present time. The hopes of the wicked Are perishing while looking for better times And individuals And Nations both feel like grasping all they can get hold of Either by fair or foul means.
The Papel Crown has At length fallen. It looks As though the Beastly power of Mobocracy spoken of in Revelations was likely to destroy the dominion of the Mother of Abominations spedily. The Emperor of Austria has Abdicated And the King of Prussia has Called A Constitutional government But the Saints wax vary bold And utter their testimony with as much Assurance in the Holy Ghost. It is truly delightful to see them pushing sectarian churches And Demolishing human creeds As so much hay & Stubble. The week are becoming strong And the Gentiles marvel.
You would be Asstonished to see the issue of Books Stars And tracts from the Star office evry fortnight. The issue of Stars has doubled since I took Charge in 47 And All other works in Equal ratio. The tide of truth Rolls irrisitably through the land.
There will soon be some vary Efficient Preachers in the French Nation from those parts. We Also have A HINDU in this Country that speaks more than A dozen different languages Arabic &c &c who is preparing to go to Asia to Preach the gospel soon.
Elder Levi Richards & wife Arived in England safe. I feel thankful to my heavenly Father. I recieve in the foregoing letters And for his blessings to his saints And his wonderful works among the Children of men.
I Also recieved Ney York Weekly Herald which contained A copy of the Calafornia land Bill Also the following before the House of Congress: A Government for the Mormons. Mr Rockwell from Massachusetts from the Committee on Territories to whom had been refered A resolution instructing them to inquire into the expediancy of reporting a Bill to Esstablish a Territorial Government for the Mormons residing At the Salt Lake in California were on motion discharged from the further Consideration of the subject. Other Papers gave An Account of the spread of the Cholera in the south.

[source: Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,]

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