Mormon History, Feb 4, 1849

[Hosea Stout Diary] Sunday Feb. 4th 1849. Cold day. Went to meeting on the warm side of the Fort wall. President B. Young spoke giving us general instructions & advice. He said that none should leave here & carry off the gold & silver &c without he pleases to let themthat they can not get away unless he sees fit & those who go away contrary to council he will confiscate their property, for he is Boss &c.
He also said that we need not to be afraid of starving for there is plenty of provisions for all and proposed for the people to appoint a committee to go around and make an estimate of all the provisions here & let those who have a surplus impart to those who have not & he will do the same[.] Also as there are many who have beef to sell and will not take paper money he told the butchers to go & kill fat cattle any how and pay the owners a fair price for it. That is cattle might be killed first & then the rest could not murmur.
That the Elders had, many of them, acted like they had entirely kicked out of the harness & were now running perfectly free but they would yet fine that they were not only in the traces but a man had hold of the lines who knew how to controll them &c
In respect to dancing he perfectly forbid having any more this season. How soon we forget God now we are delivered from our enemies and how many now are trying to take the advantage of his brother in the price of grain &c who had been driven and mobbed & had prayed to be delivered and brought here which we would not do if we were back in the midst of our enemies but would thank God for a crust of bread and rejoice with our brethren.
He also reprovd the people for their wild career in dancing this winter &c
That there was a difference in being in the Kingdom of God on this earth & being in the Church of J. C. of L. D. S. That in the kingdom of God on the earth all men had a right to, & would be protected in his religion be that what it would and no man would be allowed to molest or abuse or redicule any one on account of his religion or manner of worship &c[.] He spoke at consideral length although it was a cold day & this is but a faint sketch of what he said which was recieved with cheerfulness by most of the congregation but all those who were disaffected or did intend to leave were not well pleased with his discourse.

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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