Mormon History, Jan 22, 1849

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 22 And rode to Boston And Arived home sick And weary. Mrs Woodruff commenced doctering me. I took an Emetic of strong thoroughwert or Boneset tea. I found myself very Bilious And the tea done me much good. Sister Sarah B Foss & Br Ilus F Carter Called upon me to day. Br Ilus went on to New York. Sister Foss stayed with us. I recieved one letter + from Br Henderson.
Almon W. Babbit called upon me And spent the evening And conversed upon A variety of subjects. He had been to washington And spent A length of time And Had Called to see me And wished me to go to Washington with him to get An introduction to the members of Congress in case the Church would wish me to do any business there another year.
He said He had been labouring while there to so Arange the Territorial Bills As to have A Territorial government Esstablished in the Great Salt Lake Country Great Bason North America embracing about 300 miles of Territory in length Called the Utah Territory. He thought it would be necessary in order to get it Accomplished for the inhabitants of the Salt Lake valley to organize A state Government with A Govonor And All repuisite officers And then let them be Presented to the general government for reception. He said He thought it better for the saints to Have A State Government of their own than to be connected with New Mexico or that Portion of Calafornia lying west of the Mountains & then have to be Governed by some Petty officers sent from those parts.
He Said He had got A Post Office Esstablished at the Salt Lake Valley And Elder Haywood Appointed Post Master. He had Also got A Post Office Esstab-lished At Garden Grove & Mount Pisgah.
He said He was vary familiar with the members from Ioway & Illinois And that Thomas Benton of Mo came to him just before he left & shook hands with him in A vary familiar manner. He Also read me the printed Correspondence between him And Elder O Hyde Comprising their difficulties And After Hearing all of his subjects through Embracing his whole Course Expectation of office in the general Surveyorship of that Country & in the Territorial & State Government &c &c I come to the following conclusion in my meditations:
That He was at work upon his own hook, that he was not Counciled by the Presidency of the Church to Engage in this Government matter, And considering the course the Government had taken towards us As A People I felt no disposition as An individual to Petition them for Any thing, But let them take whatever course they felt disposed And trust ourselves And Affairs in the Hands of the God of Israel. Yet whatever Course the Combined Council & wisdom of the Church thought proper to persue in that Channel I would throw my labour And influence. But As their is danger of mens trying to perform more than they are sent to do, And whareas I was sent to Preside over the Eastern Churches Preach the gospel to them & gather out as many of them As I Could to Zion, Therefore Resolved that my Present state of Health, Duty, calling, inclination And the spirit within me will not permit me to leave the business I was sent to do And go to washington to form An acpuaintance & gain influence with wicked & corrupt men to lay A plan to assist in governing the saints in the Valley for with the grace of God I believe they are Able to govern themselves. Yet when Called upon to go to washington By the Presidency I [am] on hand.

[source: Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,]

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